New Startups In The Construction Industry With Intriguing Models And Technology

Posted by Design & Construct on 17-Sep-2014 08:00:31

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Technology continues to have a significant impact on a variety of industries, and the construction sector is no exception. From data management apps to crowdsourcing and augmented reality, new developments are both intriguing and exciting.

In particular, there are more and more startups in the app market, as the industry embraces the use of technology onsite. Here are several apps that streamline the managing of projects.



SiteWorks is an app for iPad and iPhone that allows its users to manage site reports and punch/snag lists. Users can place observations directly on their PDF drawings, and drawings can be imported from variety of different sources like email, Dropbox, webDAV, iTunes, or from a camera.


OpsManager is a web application for managing operations data for equipment rental and service companies. It enables users to track inventory, create field reports, set up stock level notifications and manage shipping containers.


VisiDraft is an iPad application for 3D augmented reality. CAD drawings can be exported from your desktop or laptop and opened in VisiDraft. Viewpoint markers can be placed on the drawing, which you can render in augmented reality.

Drawboard PDF Annotation

Drawboard for Windows 8 allows its users to draw, highlight, add shapes and text markups to their documents with a pen, mouse, or finger. Digital forms can be also filled out with this multi-device application, and then shared with others.


CorkCRM allows contractors to automate and streamline the running of their business. Contractors can track their leads, schedule appointments, create proposals, sign contracts, manage payroll, and plan jobs with this versatile service.

New Startups In The Construction Industry With Intriguing Models And Technology



The BIManywhere iPad project efficiency app provides easy access to BIM model information. The app allows for the generation and scanning of QR codes, 2D and 3D model alignment, location based issue tracking, multidisciplinary collaboration, 3D object document hyper-linking, measurement and markup, and model information.

Construct LATAM

The Construct app allows workers to store all of their project information and communication in a single place. Notes and photos can be uploaded to document projects, teams can collaborate and communicate with the app, and they can also receive project update notifications.


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