New Studies Find That Job Satisfaction Is About More Than The Money

Posted by Design & Construct on 15-Nov-2013 09:00:54

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New studies are finding that there are many factors besides money that can play a part in one's satisfaction at their place of employment.

You might assume that salary figures would be at the top of the list for most, but if an employee doesn't particularly enjoy their field of work or their workplace, even a generous salary won't raise their job satisfaction to a great degree.

In fact, there are many who would gladly take a salary cut just to be able to integrate their personal and work life in a more holistic, more meaningful way. People don't want to feel like they are living completely different lives at work than they are at home.

Employees also don't want to feel like their work is all duty and sacrifice. They are happier in a workplace where their contribution is appreciated, and some flexibility and freedom is granted to them.


Personal Interests and Passions

Being employed in a job where one can pursue personal interests and passions is increasingly becoming important to more people. If possible, they want their work to mean something and to be more closely connected to their personal life.

A position that is too far removed from their personal goals and aspirations isn't as likely to be received well by employees. If their work life contributes towards their personal objectives, they are much more likely to be satisfied in their job.

Of course, money is still an important factor to most. If workers could find a satisfactory balance between overall satisfaction and generous pay, they would gladly apply to positions that exhibited both of those qualities.

However, these two points don't always converge. If a worker had to choose between satisfaction and salary, there are many who would choose to be employed where they know they could be happy, even if the position doesn't pay as much.


Job Flexibility

Job SatisfactionJob flexibility is another important factor that could have a significant impact on job satisfaction. In today's busy world, people sometimes find it challenging to find a balance between their personal life and work life.

In addition to items like errands, exercise and rest, many people would also like to be able to build better relationships with their loved ones. In order for that to happen, they will likely require more personal time.

A flexible job is also known to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of workers. When they have more time to rest, exercise and spend time with their family, they are more able to bring a positive attitude - and thus productivity - to the workplace.

In connection with the previous point, a flexible job may also allow more freedom for employees to explore their personal interests and passions, even if the job itself doesn't allow for it.

In addition, an environment in which employees can take guilt-free vacation time is desirable. Unfortunately, there are many work environments where they are tasked so heavily that they feel as though they can never get away.

It serves to reason that people require downtime to recuperate, and a workplace where that is understood is highly attractive.

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