Research suggests home construction taking longer

Posted by Design & Construct on 19-Mar-2015 02:23:22

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With Australia's rapidly growing population, the need for new homes is beyond describable. However, as the demands on the construction industry increase, the country is seeing project completion slow down significantly.

According to a new report issued by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI), the time it takes to complete a detached house has risen by 4.5 months in 1993 to 7.5 months in 2010. With this type of establishment common among 78 per cent of households in Australia, these months of additional disruption can have a major impact on many people.

The report outlines three separate issues that have caused this increase in construction length. It is interesting to note that all three can be connected to recruitment - making the topic a key consideration when attempting a large project.

1) Larger homes

It goes without saying that a larger home will take longer to complete. that the average floor size of new homes in Melbourne is now 192m2 - up from 128m2 in 1990.

While this is a problem in itself, home buyers now have many choices when it comes to floor plans - some more complicated than others. As such, certain projects require more construction personnel on site to complete the house in a reasonable timeframe.

2) Project management demands

Historically, it was much easier for building project supervisors to switch between different contracts and organise trades people.

However, with each supervisor responsible for close to 15 houses now and using a similar pool of contractors, their resources are now becoming stretched.

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3) Construction quality

While it is evident that more homes are being constructed in Australia, the fact that more projects are being delayed due to poor workmanship isn't. The AHURI states that low quality work requires call-backs and rework, adding significant amounts of time to the project.

Whether it is down to overworked contractors or poor recruitment, this is one aspect that construction businesses need to take into account.

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