Roading infrastructure back in focus

Posted by Design & Construct on 24-Apr-2015 01:01:34

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It has now been many years since the majority of Australia's roads were built. After billions of hours of wear and tear, there are now many dangerous spots scattered across the country.

Announced in an April 20 media statement, the federal government released plans to fund 210 NSW projects under its Black Spot Programme at a cost of $53.5 million.

As detailed in the 2014 Budget, a record $500 million was allocated to the Black Spot Programme. An extra $200 million was injected into new infrastructure investment around Australia.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs explained there were many benefits to NSW, but not all are related to road safety.

"As a result of the Australian government's additional investments, an extra 110 projects will be funded in NSW over 2015-16, meaning even safer roads, improved travel times for motorists and more local jobs," he said.

"These extra projects are expected to save an additional 13 lives and prevent 671 injury crashes over 10 years, delivering economic benefits of around $214 million."

With 210 different projects to begin over the coming years, it serves to be a buoyant time for project managers, engineers, architects and construction personnel.

Experience required in spades

Given the importance of these projects, it is likely that businesses will be looking to recruit individuals who have varied skills and the experience to ensure the infrastructure is up to standard. Member for Calare and Chair of the NSW Black Spot Consultative Panel John Cobb stated what the candidates will need to remember.

"Black Spot projects target dangerous roads to save lives and reduce road trauma, ensuring Australia's roads are made safer and more efficient for all road users," he noted.

"An evaluation of the Black Spot Programme has found that fatal and casualty crashes are reduced at treated sites by 30 per cent, equalling one life per year for every 84 projects."

Want to know more?

As Australia's roading infrastructure continues to age and the government announces more plans for its Black Spot Programme, job opportunities should endure. 

From a candidate point of view, it will be important to link up with a recruitment agency like Design & Construct that understands the industry and works with some of the biggest companies in the country. Depending on your skills and experience, we can help you find your perfect career starter on some of the country's most important upcoming projects.