Safe Work Month recognised across the country

Posted by Design & Construct on 08-Oct-2015 03:19:46

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Regardless of whether you work in the construction or engineering sector, you should always consider workplace health and safety.

According to Safe Work Australia, 120 workers have been killed at work as of 24 September 2015. While this figure is down against all years dating back to 2012, it doesn't take away the importance of spreading the message of working safe on site.

Taking responsibility for safety

In fact, October is National Safe Work Month (Safety Month). With a theme of 'Be safe. Be healthy,' Safe Work Australia is highlighting the need for all Australians to think about what is important to them when they head to work.

"National Safe Work Month provides an opportunity for us all to focus on health and safety in our workplaces."

Chief Executive Officer and 2015 Safety Month Ambassador Michelle Baxter explained that while much of the responsibility around workplace heath and safety falls on employers, workers should play a critical role in ensuring their environments are as safe as possible.

"National Safe Work Month provides an opportunity for us all to focus on health and safety in our workplaces and to drive lasting improvements," she said in an October 1 media statement.

"For me, the major cost of workplace injury is the personal impact on the worker and their family and friends. I want workers to be safe and healthy at work so they can return home to their loved ones each day."

Ms Baxter said all businesses should make an effort to promote safer practices throughout the year.

Could your business hold an event? 

Safe Work Australia have made a number of resources and statistics available for businesses through a simple smartphone application. Once this information has been gathered, states across the country are urging enterprises to host small toolbox talks or major industry conference events.

In Queensland, businesses that register their events with WorkSafe can win a number of different prizes. 

Queensland Acting Premier and Minister for Industrial Relations Curtis Pitt explained the merit of businesses taking a lead role on workplace safety.

"Whether they are holding a safety talk or organising a full blown conference on how safety can increase productivity, businesses of all sizes are firmly switched on to the benefits of safe workplace," he stated.

"I'm encouraging Queenslanders to get involved by either getting along to one of our events, or holding one at your own workplace."

Of course, there are a number of benefits for businesses taking part in National Safe Work Month. Not only are your employees safer and more productive, the image of your enterprise improves in the local community. This means it could be easier to attract and retain talent as well as take on new projects.

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