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Australians currently enjoy access to many world-class infrastructure services, which have supported two decades of uninterrupted growth and is underpinned by its world renowned quality of life. But Australia is undergoing a period of profound change and in 15 years' time, it will be a very different country from the one it is today, according to Australian government.

The population is expected to grow to over 30 million by 2031. A growing population is a strong indicator of economic vitality and this growth stimulates a larger domestic market for businesses. This in turn, usually means an increase in the size of the labour force, which also puts additional demands on infrastructure.

The state government of Queensland is tackling the expected strain on its transport, education, health and utility infrastructure head on. They are investing heavily in next few years in order to tackle the rise of the rapidly expanding population.

The Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP) is delivering more than $20 billion worth of funding, over a four year period, for road and transport projects. Minister for Transport Stirling Hinchliffe and Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports Mark Bailey said the program was the largest in five years and would support thousands of new jobs.

The state budget demonstrates a major commitment to the funding of road projects. The program will provide much needed support for local communities in providing better access to safer roads and transport systems.


Light rail is becoming a key part of urban planning. How many new construction jobs can we expect?


It is expected that the massive investment in roads, rail, marine, public transport and active transport infrastructure will support more than 15,900 jobs over the life of the program. Mr Bailey said, the budget included an additional $90 million over three years to the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS), to upgrade and build local infrastructure regional communities.

Having a skilled construction industry is crucial from an infrastructure point-of-view; its value to the Australian economy can't be overstated. The latest budget by the Queensland state government estimated that capital expenditure in 2016-17 will be a staggering $9.634 billion, with direct capital purchases of $8.264 billion and capital grants of $1.370 billion.

This expenditure will support approximately 28,000 jobs. In addition, acquisitions of non-financial assets underfinance leases in 2016-17, supported approximately 3,000 jobs during the construction period of these projects.

So how can you find the workers you need for your next project?

As the country launches into a period of large scale projects, it's important for construction businesses to consider whether they have the skilled workers they will need to compete within the industry. Recruitment for major construction projects is very competitive and at Design & Construct, we expect this to continue for many years.

How can you compete with a state size project and recruit the skills you need for your project? It is simple really, you can achieve this by using a partner to source every member of your team. We will find and nurture the talent you need to ensure your project gets under way and sees completion.

Design & Construct not only have access to thousands of skilled workers, but we have already employed a large number on existing projects. We have successfully placed our candidates within some of the biggest organisations in Australia. We have offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne; our business has been established for well over a decade and our success speaks for itself, with a 95% rate of repeat business. Trust in us to deliver recruitment strategies that you can not only believe in but understand. We keep it simple, we provide recruitment excellence and we can help you compete now and in the future.

From a candidate point of view, it will be important to link up with a recruitment agency like Design & Construct that understands the industry and works with some of the biggest companies in the country. Depending on your skills and experience, we can help you find your perfect job on some of the country's most important upcoming projects.

Contact us today and let us use our expertise and innovation in identifying the perfect candidates for your business.

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