Secret Tests Interviewers Give To Job Prospects (And How To Pass Them)

Posted by Design & Construct on 25-Nov-2013 09:00:06

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Did you know that interviewers are often looking for a variety of qualities in prospects that they never even mention?
Here are several tests interviewers give to job prospects that you should be aware of.

Communication Skills

Whether you are aware of it or not, job interviewers are always testing your communication

skills. A person that isn't able to express themselves with clarity and specificity could prove problematic for the company down the line.

Make sure to give honest answers. If you have trouble with a particular question, take a moment to think about it before you speak. If you aren't sure you understood a question, ask for clarification.


Comfort Level

Interviewers are watching to see how comfortable you are in your own skin. The interview process may make you a little nervous, but how well you handle yourself under pressure is going to factor into the hiring decision.

Unfortunately, confidence can't be taught. In general, be certain about who you are and what you want out of a job. When you know what you're after, your answers will reflect that.



Secret TestsInterviewers are assessing how engaged you are in the application process. If you seem distracted and fidgety, it could affect your chances of being hired.

If you want the job, staying engaged in the question-and-answer session shouldn't prove too challenging. If you are feeling drowsy, see if you can take a moment to stretch before sitting down. Have a cup of coffee or tea if there's time.



Do you have interesting questions for your potential employer? If not, it could reflect badly on you.

Your interviewer has carefully prepared questions to ask you. In the same manner, you should take some time to learn about the company and have a few relevant questions on the top of your mind.


Pain Points

Interviewers are often asking themselves what pain points you could be solving for them. They are looking to hire because there is work that needs to be done, and they are assessing whether or not you would be able to help them address those issues.

Keep in mind that it isn't merely about what skills and expertise you bring to the table. It's also about the congruence of your career goals and objectives.



These days, resumes aren't just viewed by human beings anymore. In fact, many times they are scanned and sorted by a machine before they are ever seen by human eyes.

Did you take the time to read the job description? What keywords did you find? Did you include those keywords in your resume? If not, you may not even get a call for an interview.


Social Media Profiles

Some employers may check your social media profiles to better understand the kind of person you are.

As you can imagine, they will be scanning your pictures, but in addition to that, they will also be looking for spelling and grammatical errors in the information you provide. A person who can't be bothered isn't likely to prove valuable to the workplace.


Current Employment

The old adage that you need a job to get a job still proves true in many cases. If you aren't currently employed, it could affect your chances of getting hired.

The paradox of this situation is that if you already have a job, you may not be looking for another one. However, when possible, go into job interviews while you are employed.


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