Significant budget announcement for NSW

Posted by Design & Construct on 09-Jul-2015 01:23:15

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State government budgets are often considered 'lolly scrambles' due to the fact that every industry wants to be at the front of the line for handouts and upgrades.

This year's NSW government budget was no different with the building and construction industries receiving a welcome boost for the coming years ahead.

According to the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Duncan Gay, a massive $7.5 billion will be invested in various infrastructure programs and projects which are designed to improve the state's road, freight and maritime networks.

This figure is historic for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is $2 billion more than last year's budget announcement and secondly, this investment contributes to the more than $27.5 billion contributed since March 2011 by the current state government.

Getting NSW moving is key for for the state government.Getting NSW moving is key for the state government.

Where will the jobs be?

With so many infrastructure projects set to be launched across NSW, it will be important for construction businesses to get amongst the tenders for various jobs. With this in mind, smaller firms should target the Fixing Country Roads initiative which received substantial backing ($326 million) to upgrade their local and regional networks.

"Wherever you look across the state we are Rebuilding NSW to provide the critical transport and freight infrastructure our communities and businesses need and deserve."

Mr Gay said local roads are just as important as their urban counterparts and the government has taken this point into consideration.

"Government initiatives such as Fixing Country Roads are starting to reverse decades of under-investment and neglect of council-owned roads and bridges," he said in a June 23 media statement.

"Wherever you look across the state we are Rebuilding NSW to provide the critical transport and freight infrastructure our communities and businesses need and deserve."



Where will this money be spent?

NSW is growing quickly and there is no doubt that authorities and the government are under pressure to make changes as the population expands. As a result, the bulk ($4.9 billion) is allocated to Regional NSW which plans to fast track upgrades on a number of regional highways including the Pacific, Great Western, New England and Princes.

However, it is important to remember the continuing WestConnex motorway which receives $1.7 billion in the budget. 

City congestion is also a major focus with $180 million allocated towards addressing this growing problem in the state's largest urban areas.


What should job seekers do?

It is easy to get swept up in the volley of billions of dollars spent on transport infrastructure. However, for construction candidates looking for employment, the first step is to contact a trusted recruitment agency like Design & Construct. 

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