Social housing to see a boost across Australia

Posted by Design & Construct on 29-Jan-2016 18:31:18

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While many people in Australia see prosperity and success throughout their career, others may find themselves struggling to afford the necessities, including a reliable source of shelter. 

In order to assist these individuals and their families, state governments must provide quality social housing while people work to get back on their feet. New projects across the country also offer good prospects for construction recruitment, as well as an opportunity to help support local communities. 

NSW to build more public housing

The NSW government has ushered in "a new era" for social housing, with a 10-year plan to construct over 60,000 houses for disadvantaged families. 

The NSW government will construct over 60,000 houses over the next 10 years.

Minister for Social Housing Brad Hazzard stated it is also important to support people to transition into the private housing sector and gain independence. 

"We're also providing support and incentives to help people successfully transition out of the social housing system, and assistance to help people avoid entering it in the first place, with more support to vulnerable households in the private rental market," he said.

According to the federal government's Housing Affordability Challenge report, it is vital that planning measures are undertaken as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to provide affordable housing to the wider population.

Alongside the government, professionals in the design and construction industry can help build housing that is accessible to a wider population of Australians to gain independence.

Queensland government to overhaul housing service process

Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni recently announced a policy change to help the most vulnerable tenants have a fair chance of remaining in a state home. 

While the government will continue to evict individuals engaging in criminal activity, struggling residents facing complaints will have access to more specialised management programs to ensure the root of the problem is addressed. This includes support services and employment plans to maintain a steady source of income. 

Social housing is key in helping disadvantaged Australians.
Social housing is key in helping disadvantaged Australians.

"The new policies will provide support and respect vulnerable Queenslanders, rather than only taking measures that could lead to eviction," said Mr de Brenni.

Working in collaboration with wider government aims is vital for providing meaningful work to the community. If you want to get involved in these types of projects, speak to the team at Design and Construct today.