Why You Need Social Profile Followers

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Why You Need Social Profile Followers

Why You Need Social Profile Followers

We've discussed how to use online profiles before.

This article is a continuation of the previous article.

In this section we'll discuss how you can take your online profile and social profile skills to the next level.

Not only is it important to have those online profiles, it is necessary to have followers on those profiles because your employers will be looking at those stats.

The Social Proof Concept

First impression is a true aspect of life.

Humans have evolved to make quick decisions about things. We simply don't have the time to think through everything in life and as a result we're programmed to make quick judgments.

First impressions are more important now than ever especially in the employment industry.

Employers are more critical of potential workers than ever before. The shakeup of the past few years has made employers weary of hiring.

As you already know, the candidate that makes a good first impression has a big leg up on the competition and it can mean getting your dream job or remaining stuck with a frustrating career.

Employers today are looking at your online information. They will google your name to find out what information there is about you online.

If you participate in online communities like LinkedIn and Twitter these profiles will appear in these searches. Your employers will visit your profiles and they'll make quick judgments about you based simply on the information they see.

One item employers will look at is the number of followers or connections you have.

It seems superficial to think that an employer would base a decision on the number of followers a candidate has, but we're talking about first impressions.

Remember, humans have evolved to be efficient. Social proof is a concept humans have developed that gives us the preference to let others make certain determinations for us. It allows us the time and energy to make a decision without looking for more information.

When an employer sees a candidate that has a large number of connections on LinkedIn or a large following on Twitter they immediately think the candidate has influence. It shows that other people have put faith in the candidate.

This proof is enough to get the employer interested.

The Influence Concept

Building on social proof is the idea of influence.

By having a lot of followers or lots of people in your audience you show your employers that you can have influence over others. It's not that you're pushing your ideas and thoughts on others. It's simply the fact that you can share your insight and thought in the world and others care about it.

This is a valuable trait and employers are looking for it. They know that if you have the ability to influence others you can be a potential leader at their firm.

It's hard to find leaders in the world. Some people are naturally followers. Being a leader is difficult work. You have to deal with adversity and responsibility.

Simply having followers on social profiles shows that you are willing to take on these large audiences and the criticism that goes with it. If you've participated on Twitter you probably know there are people out there that will call you out for what you say.

This deters people from participating in social media, but if you continue to see past the few that disagree with you it will show employers that you may have what it takes to be a leader.

Added Value For The Employer

Depending on the nature of the position, you might bring value to the employer by having a large following on social media.

Maybe you're looking for a sales position at a large construction firm. Having a large audience of followers shows that you have influence in a variety of communities.

This audience is valuable in the eyes of employers. They see those people following you and listening to your updates and it tells them they could all be potential clients.

Employers are always looking for ways to add value to their business. They want people that can bring something to the company that others don't have.

It doesn't mean you have to be better than others in the firm. You simply have to bring an additional value to the firm.

It's a simple concept, but it's not always easy to figure out for your exact situation.

One of the ways modern employees have found opportunity with employment is to build large followings on social media. It's still an area that is new and many haven't started participating.

At Design & Construct, we do have companies asking about social media and the importance they should place on candidates that have large followings and connections.

We always recommend that a strong following is a good indicator that the candidate can add value.

It shows you can lead, can bring an audience to the company and that you're willing to connect with people and learn from what they have to say.

These are all great characteristics in a good employee.

Showing A History Of Success

A concept we've discussed before on the site is the ability for jobseekers to show a history of success.

The success you've had in the past doesn't necessarily have to be in the area of the job you're seeking. Employers want to see that you've been successful no matter what the area. They know that they can train you on certain aspects of the job, but it's more difficult to teach someone how to be successful.

Social media is one area of opportunity for anyone looking for a dream job.

By participating in social media you'll take on a new challenge to grow and audience and have influence over those that follow and connect with you.

By connecting with those people you'll find that it adds value to your life. As humans, we all need social interaction. We like conversing with others, learning from each other and making life better for each other.

We've talked about some ways that having a social media profile can impress and provide value to potential employers. It's also a way for you for you to show that you can do something successfully.

Participating in social media doesn't cost a lot of money. It does cost time. You'll have to invest in connecting with people and participating in online conversations.

If you take on this challenge it will seem like you're working for nothing in return, but remember that for employers it's about showing a history of success.

The people that hire you want to see that you can succeed and since social media has other benefits it's a great opportunity for jobseekers.

Ability To Connect And Communicate

Culture is something we think about all the time at Design & Construct.

We see businesses all the time that want to find the right person for each job. This doesn't mean they're looking for a genius or someone that knows everything about the industry.

This means that the firms are looking for people that fit in with their culture.

By growing your social media followers you're showing potential employers that you have the ability to connect with people. This trait is something employers know can have value in the workplace.

You can't really control the people that follow you, but your followers at large will be a reflection of the person you are. The content you share and the conversations you take part in online will attract specific people to your profiles.

Have a vision in mind for your career and put yourself in the mind of employers. Think about what they would want to see as you connect with people online.

Consider the people you would be working with in the design office or in the construction industry. Seek to connect with these types of people online and show those employers that you know how to connect and communicate.

This goes a long way in convincing people that you are the right person for the job and more importantly the right person for their company culture.



Social media is still new to most people. Some are even discrediting it as something that isn't necessary, but employers are looking at social profiles.

Specifically, employers are looking at the number of connections you have in social media and the people within your following. They are using this information to make hiring decisions.

At Design & Construct, we work with jobseekers on all aspects of their career. Today, this includes building social profiles with followers. It's a great way to make a strong first impression and there are so many additional benefits to connecting with people that we feel it's essential to having a fulfilling career.

Building your followers will take time. Don't let it get to you if you're struggling to get a large number of followers on social media. Focus on getting one follower at a time. It's those little accomplishments that build up over time and ultimately land you in a position of leadership.

The entire social media process is a challenge and your ability to show success in the face of challenge is a great trait to take into a new job situation.