The 7 Biggest Interview Mistakes People Make

Posted by Design & Construct on 20-Jan-2014 09:00:52

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We all make mistakes from time to time. Some of them may prove fatal to the interview process, while others can be corrected and amended if the jobseeker is willing.

You may not do everything right on every occasion, but it's important to conduct yourself in a professional manner as you go through the interview process. Here are some of the bigger mistakes to avoid.

1. Failing To Do Relevant Research

Some employers may not ask you many questions about their company. However, that does not preclude the need to be prepared.

Some recruiters will actually ask very specific questions, like "who is the CEO of our company?"

If you make it a point to research the position you are applying to, you will be better prepared to ask the interviewer relevant questions too.

2. Failing To Show Up

It may seem pretty obvious, but if you don't show up to interviews, that will drastically reduce your chances of getting the job.

This is also about accountability. If you want to get the job, you should answer calls, or give calls when you said you would. You should show up to meetings on time and not cancel at the last minute, unless an emergency arises.

3. Insulting A Previous Employer

Insulting your current or previous employer is generally a bad idea.

This says a lot about the kind of person you are. If you insult one employer, what is stopping you from doing it again? Bad-mouthing your current employment situation shows a lack of maturity.

4. Failing To Submit A Cover Letter

Some recruiters hardly even look at resumes. However, many of them still make it a point to read cover letters. You might even say that cover letters are more important than resumes.

Unless the job ad or posting says otherwise, make it a point to submit a carefully drafted cover letter.

5. Bringing Up Salary Too Early

The fact of the matter is that people aren't generally money motivated. Though income certainly is important, there are many things, like job security or flexible hours that most people place above salary in order of importance. So, in short, bringing up money too early in the discussion is a red flag.

Salary negotiations are usually done toward the end of the interview process. Don't forget to negotiate, but don't start too early.

6. Failing To Show Interest

The 7 Biggest Interview Mistakes People MakeIf you're going to go through the interview process, you should at least look enthusiastic and show interest. If a recruiter has to pick between two people, one who is engaged and one who is not, the interested person is far more likely to get the job.

7. Failing To Acknowledge Mistakes

Nobody is perfect, and you may make mistakes in the interview process. Perhaps you end up running late for a scheduled meeting or you say something you shouldn't have.

As long as you are willing to acknowledge the missteps you've taken, you still have the chance to land the position. Honesty is a sough-after characteristic by recruiters.


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Image: Kris Krug