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2016 Industry Employment Projections

Each year, the Department of Employment produces employment projections by industry, occupation and region for the following five years, the latest being the five years to November 2020. These projections are produced using detailed data from the ABS Labour Force Survey.

Employment is projected to increase in most industries, with a long term structural shift towards the services industry; combined with a strong Australian Dollar, the Health, Scientific, Education and Retail sectors are projected to provide more than half of the total employment growth over the next five years to November 2020.

Projected growth by industry

Health Care and Social Assistance is projected to increase 16.4 per cent.

Factors contributing to this strong projected growth include:

  • the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Australia's ageing population
  • increasing demand for childcare and home - based care services

Employment growth in this industry is likely to favour part-time and female workers.

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services is projected to increase by 14.8 per cent.

Factors contributing to this strong projected growth include:

  • ongoing demand for qualified and highly educated workers
  • growth in the architectural, engineering and technical services sector
  • strong housing construction activity and infrastructure investment

Education and Training is projected to increase by 13.0 per cent.

Factors contributing to this strong projected growth include:

  • growth in the school population age
  • improved international education
  • continuing growth of part-time workers

Retail Trade 8.4 per cent, accommodation and food services 12.0 per cent.

Factors contributing to this strong projected growth include:

  • demand for hardware, building and garden supplies
  • clothing, footwear and personal accessories

Manufacturing is expected to decline by 5.3 per cent.

Factors contributing to this decline in growth include:

  • projected fall of 58.3 per cent in motor vehicle manufacturing

Mining is projected to fall by 14.1 per cent.

Factors contributing to this decline in growth include:

  • decrease in demand from China

The construction industry continues to go from strength to strength

Construction industry employment is projected to grow 8.3 per cent over the five years to November 2020. Following several years of subdued growth, employment in Construction has increased by 7.1 per cent over the past three years.

We also looked at last year's report which projected employment growth by region and specifically in construction.

Projected employment growth by region to November 2019      

  • New South Wales 9.9%
  • Victoria 10.6%
  • Queensland 10.4%
  • South Australia 6.7%
  • Western Australia 10.7%
  • Tasmania 7.4%
  • Northern Territory 11.5%

Projected employment growth in construction by region to November 2019

  • New South Wales 14.6%
  • Victoria 12.4%
  • Queensland 11.4%
  • South Australia 8.3%
  • Western Australia 16.9%
  • Tasmania 8.5%
  • Northern Territory 18.6%

The construction industry is expected to see continued growth, largely down to a combination of low interest rates, a strong Australian Dollar and the demand for residential and commercial property. Continued government investment in transport, education and health care has ensured activity levels will remain high in individual sectors like, construction, engineering and architecture.

There is strong demand for construction professionals throughout Australia in all disciplines and the employment report highlights the regions that may possibly present the widest range of employment options.

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