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Transformation from Car Park to healthy living environment

A landmark $1.5 billion skyscraper project has been approved for the Southbank precinct of Melbourne, Victoria. The proposal by Malaysian group PD Development will transform the current car park into a space big enough to house a small town.

Open space will be a major design consideration of the development which comprises: four 72 storey residential towers with a child care centre; a 54 storey hotel with over 600 rooms; a commercial building with retail and foods courts all based around  a 2770 square-metre park with a large public square.

The developer changed their original plans, submitted earlier this year, to comply with Government CBD controls introduced in June. The controls were adopted to ensure that all future inner-city developments also create a healthy living environment.

Design changes included widening setbacks and changing building angles to minimise overshadowing. The six towers will range from 145 metres to 226 metres high with rooftop gardens. Planning Minister Richard Wynne said the new design changes had allowed for height and density while providing significant open space.

$1 billion worth of opportunity

With access in mind, more than 1000 bicycle spaces will be created, 894 parking spaces and several tram lines are in close proximity to allow maximum traffic whilst keeping congestion and pollution to a minimum. The application was the largest Mr Wynne has approved to date and it has received the full support from the City of Melbourne and Victoria's Government. It is thought that this investment will provide revenue of over $1 billion to the construction industry and create many new job prospects for the people of Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Mr Wynne also commented that there are another 50 applications under assessment with the Department of Planning and he also expects Melbourne's development industry to enjoy an equally strong 2016.




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