The Sydney Metro running on time?

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The Sydney Metro Project on track for 2024

With more than 65km of metro rail and new 15 km twin tunnels, the Sydney Metro Project is a new stand-alone and state of the art network solution to Sydney's public transport problems.

The project's core mission is to transform Sydney's existing but inadequate rail network, by delivering an increased number of services facilitating a fast and safe modern rail service.

Work is due to commence in 2016 with the project fully operational by 2024. The impact will be significant for the community and businesses alike as they will gain an accessible, affordable and faster way of travelling throughout greater Sydney.

Sydney Metro is predicated to substantially increase the number of trains entering CBD per hour during peak times. It is proposed that there will be a train every two minutes each way and a “turn up and go” system that will enable faster travel times by combating congestion on stations, platforms and trains. The great news for commuters is that more trains means more seats!

Andrew Constance MP Minister for Transport and Infrastructure said, “Sydney Metro will forever change how we get around our great global city. No form of transport ever before seen in Sydney can move as many people as quickly as this Project”.

Safety and comfort in mind

The Metro development will embrace future technologies by building a fully automated rail network system with expert security and communications. All the new stations have passenger safety and comfort in mind by providing environmentally friendly features, including natural ventilation and lighting. Accessibility has also been addressed by ensuring the implementation of platform screen doors on all stations, along with improved pedestrian and vehicle pick up points.

Overall, The Metro project is fantastic news if you plan to relocate, raise a family or seek a new career challenge within greater Sydney. The Government investment in transport infrastructure will alleviate the current rail congestion levels, making rail travel a faster and more pleasant experience for all. It is good news on the job front too, as the economic boost will create thousands of new job opportunities.

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