This Attribute Could Get You Hired In The Australian Construction Industry

Posted by Design & Construct on 19-Jan-2015 09:00:38

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Recruiters are often looking for a variety of different qualities in workers, be it punctuality, work ethic, attention to detail, enthusiasm, passion, integrity, transparency, honesty or a variety of other characteristics. These qualities are usually assessed and evaluated through the interview process before a candidate is ever hired on.

All of the previously mentioned items are important qualities to develop and have as a jobseeker. However, the attribute we're about to discuss here has little to do with any of the aforementioned personal traits. In fact, it has more to do with technology.

Technology continues to evolve and change, and many business practices are becoming more streamlined and fruitful as a result. Interestingly, some of these developments might enable construction workers to be more efficient than ever before. Consider the following.


Mobility is becoming more and more of a necessity in the world of business, and construction is no exception. The ability to communicate, view documents, use apps and manage a variety of different tasks on the fly is making mobile devices a sought-after commodity. Quite simply, construction workers could increase their productivity and efficiency with the effective use of a sturdy phone or tablet.

For example, construction supervisors oftentimes need to be able to view and reference documents and share other important data with their workers. They may even want to draw out directions, instructions or arrows on a photo with the use of an app. Smartphones and tablets are multifunctional, and can prove quite useful on the job site for this reason.

With that being said, there are specific requirements that need to be met for a mobile device to be worth bringing to a construction site.

Mobile Device Requirements

When you really think about it, construction supervisors and managers can't just use any old phone or tablet on the job site. Screens need to be viewable in the bright sunlight, and they also need to stand up to harsh environments and weather conditions. 3G and wireless connectivity are also nice-to-haves.

Fortunately, many developers are creating more rugged, more powerful mobile device options. As new gadgets and cases continue to roll out, more and more tailored options should become available to the market.


This Attribute Could Get You Hired In The Australian Construction IndustryIf you are currently seeking a job in the construction industry, you may want to consider investing in a mobile device if you don't have one already. Becoming acquainted with the technology now should enable you to prepare for situations that might require you to use such a device on the job site later.

The operation of devices can vary somewhat depending on the make, model and manufacturer. It could prove worthwhile to learn how to use the various operating systems and relevant native apps. This would require access to multiple devices, however.

The operation of mobile devices should not prove to be a hard skill to master. Though taking the time to craft an effective cover letter could end up being more important, developing a comfort level with smartphones and tablets can only help you in the long run, as technology continues to develop.

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