Urban development key in preparing for Australia's future

Posted by Design & Construct on 13-Jan-2016 08:10:18

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Cities are vital for both economic and population growth.

Population growth, an ageing society and the need for economic stability are all putting pressure on urban centres to be as innovative and advanced as possible.

How can professionals in the design and construction industry contribute to the growing cities to ensure the support is there for successful growth?

The move to city living

According to the State of Australian Cities report from the Department of Infrastructure, urban centres will become key areas for population growth.  

Three-quarters of Australians currently live in the 20 largest cities in the country.

Three-quarters of Australians currently live in the 20 largest cities in the country. By 2031, the overall population is expected to hit 30 million people, most of whom will be concentrated in urban areas. While these centres offer immense opportunities for economic growth and job prospects due to strong global links, it is important that cities are supported with the right infrastructure.

These trends have immense potential for construction project managers to lend their expertise to projects that can encapsulate value,

The government's focus on urban development was compounded by the newly created role of Minister for Cities and the Build Environment. Former Assistant Infrastructure Minister Jamie Briggs took the position and reiterated the importance of urban development.

"It is vital that our cities are well planned, serviced with world-class digital and physical infrastructure and environmentally sustainable so they continue to grow as economic assets into the future," he said.

"Building world-class infrastructure is a key priority of the Australian Government to ensure we drive economic growth, revitalise our cities and support industries of the future."

Since this appointment, he has been driving a focus on sustainability in cities, with the carbon neutral certification scheme branching out across the country. 


Planning underway for Western Distributor Project

One of the key considerations for urban growth in Australia is having the appropriate transport infrastructure to support commuters, freight and other journeys. In Queensland, various stages of the Western Distributor Project will be put towards the communities directly affected by the building process. 

Roads and transport are vital for supporting city growth.
Roads and transport are vital for supporting city growth.

Acting Minister for Planning Tim Pallas explained the importance of this stage for a range of parties.

"This will be a comprehensive planning process to ensure that the $5.5 billion Western Distributor Project addresses impacts on the community and industry," he stated.

This important project will create 5,600 new construction jobs over the course of the build. 

Keeping an eye on our cities will be a wise option to capture the growing opportunities. An even smarter career move is getting in touch with Design and Construct to find the best projects in our urban centres.