Victoria set for positive engineering future

Posted by Design & Construct on 19-May-2015 01:19:12

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With a population nearing 6 million and a number of growing urban hubs, Victoria is certainly one of the states in the best position for a strong economic future.

Since coming into power last year, the Andrews government has wasted little time highlighting Melbourne and Victoria's infrastructure issues and implementing a number of key proposals. This state budget is no different with three valuable points to mention.However, with an increasing population comes the need for new and improved infrastructure designed to bring cities like Melbourne on par with leading global centres. It is then pleasing to report the results of the first state budget outlined by the Andrews government.

1) Infrastructure Victoria

This independent body is set to oversee all major infrastructure projects in the state moving forward. Welcomed by industry associations such as Engineers Australia (EA), Infrastructure Victoria will ensure the right money is allocated to the right projects at the right time.

2) Victorian Chief Engineer

EA also cited the creation of a Chief Engineer of the state as a great move for the industry moving forward.

"The newly established role of Victorian Chief Engineer is a positive step towards the government incorporating engineering expertise in its decision making," EA's Victoria Division General Manager Glenda Graham said in a May 11 media statement.

"In addition to overseeing the registration of engineers in the state, the Victorian Chief Engineer will support Infrastructure Victoria's delivery of projects in a timely and cost effective manner."

3) New infrastructure

With Melbourne's infrastructure under more stress, improvements are required to ensure a smooth running city. As such, a number of key announcements were made in the Victorian state budget this month.

The government has addressed plans to rebuild regional schools, plan and build new schools and replace asbestos-ridden school buildings.

This included $1.5 billion to undertake work on the Melbourne Metro Rail project which incorporates a new tunnel under Swanston Street and five new CBD stations. There are also allocations for new trains, trams and tracks to assist moving Melbourne.

Additionally, the government has addressed plans to rebuild regional schools, plan and build new schools and replace asbestos-ridden school buildings.

As a result, there should be considerable employment opportunities for the state's engineers over the coming four years.

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