Wellbeing impacts upon staff motivation, engagement and retention.

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Wellbeing and workplace performance

Wellbeing plays a pivotal role in today's modern workplace, and companies can benefit greatly by helping employees to feel happy, competent and satisfied in their roles.

A report by New Economics Foundation (NEF) highlights the importance of wellbeing in society and the workplace. The report found that people who achieve good standards of wellbeing at work are likely to be more creative, loyal and productive, and provide better customer satisfaction than those with poor levels of wellbeing at work.

Responsibility for health and wellbeing at work belongs to both employers and employees. The key factors that can determine whether workers will have a positive or negative relationship with work are:

  • the relationships between line managers and employees
  • whether employees are involved in organisational issues and decisions
  • job design
  • availability and acceptability of flexible working
  • awareness of occupational health issues

Other factors

According to The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016, two-thirds of Millennials (people who were born after 1982) express a desire to leave their organisation by 2020. The survey concluded that businesses must adjust how they nurture loyalty among Millennials or risk losing a large percentage of their workforces.

Surprisingly, the biggest reason for employees wanting to leave is that their leadership skills are not being fully developed. Retention of key employees will always pose a problem for businesses. The best solution proposed so far for a happy long-term workforce, is to support them in their goal of finding a satisfactory balance between career development and a rewarding working environment.

Give and take

Focussing on wellbeing at work can benefit companies, and is shown to have a progressive impact on the health and happiness of employees. Healthy and well-motivated employees can have an equally positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of a company.

If your employees are free from illness and anxiety, they will feel good about coming to work every day, which ultimately means you're going to get the best out of them. Giving employees time off for important health related or family appointments will build trust and strengthen working relationships.

Retain your best talent

To foster loyalty and develop a rewarding working environment, employers must embrace open communication, offer support and be mindful of its employees' ambitions.

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