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Getting permits and planning approval for any residential or commercial construction project can be time consuming and costly. The amount of red tape involved sometimes puts developers and investors off; so now the Western Australian Government is tackling this head on by holding talks on how to speed up and simplify the process.

Keep it simple

A Building and Industry Summit with key State government departments came together at the beginning of this month and addressed the problem of satisfying all the regulatory requirements of new home construction, renovation and commercial building.

Premier Colin Barnett opened the summit by saying that the event demonstrates the Government's commitment to removing unnecessary road blocks which frustrate Western Australian businesses and families.

Mr Barnett said "Today, State Government agencies and local governments will hear first-hand any concerns from industry and exchange ideas on how to improve the building process”.

He concluded: "After the forum, it is my expectation that all participants will turn these discussions into action because there are big benefits for people working in the construction industry, for couples building their first home and for families who are renovating their existing home."

The summit will contribute to making the local government building process more efficient by identifying opportunities for simpler and more consistent building and planning. Mr Mischin said industries worldwide were being faced with challenges brought about by the likes of globalisation, changing technologies and consumer demands for quality and diverse housing options at a value-for-money price.

"By working together, we can establish a more efficient regulatory environment that supports the building industry and gives it the edge it needs to face these challenges, innovate and reach new heights in productivity," he said.

Fact File

  • The summit was proposed by Mr Mischin on his return from the national Building Ministers' Forum in July 2015. He will take the summit outcomes to the next meeting of the Building Ministers' Forum on  February 19, 2016
  • The WA building and construction industry contributes more than 10% of State's economy
  • In WA, the construction industry is the largest employer of any sector - it represents 11.1% of the workforce; 10.4% of Gross State Product; and 47 per cent of total apprentices in the workforce (including electricians)

It is hoped that by addressing all the issues raised, that the turnover of construction projects will increase and in turn not only attract more projects but create more construction jobs within Western Australia.


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