Western Sydney the focus of growth strategies and job creation

Posted by Design & Construct on 14 Dec 2015, 07:08:20

As Australia's biggest city continues to see population growth, many industry bodies have been thinking of solutions to foster economic growth and employment opportunities.

The state government and many other organisations have turned to Western Sydney in an effort to build a thriving new urban centre. Thequestion is: what will this focus mean for the design and construction industry?

Strategic plan for Sydney to create 200,000 jobs

The most recent release of Deloitte's Designing Western Sydney initiative has outlined the actions needed to create 200,000 new jobs in Western Sydney by 2020. 

According to the organisation, one in 10 Australians live within this area, with a high concentration of younger residents. However, there are persistent economic and social concerns requiring a long-term vision from all involved parties.

Western Sydney is set to see significant population growth.
Western Sydney is set to see significant population growth.

The most recent proposal covers key areas relating to where the population will live, work and spend their leisure time. So far, over 300 organisations have contributed their insight into the outlines.

An earlier release of the plan highlighted the immense potential for construction jobs as key industries will need facilities in order to support increased activity. By 2050, there will be 4 million people living in Western Sydney and this huge growth will require the largest rollout of infrastructure work ever seen in Australia.

Over the next 10 years, the state government will inject $2.9 billion into infrastructure, including major roading and transport projects, as well as improvements to existing features. 

Light rail developments to see fruition in Sydney

To help support the growing region, the NSW government recently announced plans for a new line to connect key areas to Parramatta.

These developments will all require the expertise of engineering professionals.

The Parramatta Light Rail project will cover stations at Western Sydney University, Sydney Olympic Park, Westmead Hospital and Strathfield. As Premier Mike Baird explained, the new development will create a better system for local workers and support the growth of the region. 

"We're delivering a modern, efficient and reliable light rail network for Western Sydney," he said.

"The light rail network will help Parramatta reach its potential as Sydney's second CBD and be a major boost to existing public transport services in Western Sydney."

These developments will all require the expertise of engineering professionals in order to see success. If you want to become a part of the big projects in NSW, speak to the team at Design and Construct today.