What makes a good engineer?

Posted by Design & Construct on 08-May-2015 03:50:48

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There are several qualities that recruiters look for when they hire engineers, and it seems that trust and ethics play an important role.

Roy Morgan Research has released details of its Image of Professions survey for 2015, and 74 per cent of respondents said they believe engineers to be well known for these traits. This marks a 2 per cent rise from the last time the poll was carried out, making it one of the biggest improvements on the list.

Any good engineer will also need skills and expertise to make sure they are invaluable to employers.

A total of 17 professions recorded falls in their ratings for ethics and honesty over the past year, but engineering nevertheless remained among the highest performers. In fact, engineers ranked above dentists and the police, as well as state Supreme Court and High Court judges.




Gaining the necessary skills

However, any good engineer will also need skills and expertise to make sure they are invaluable to employers.

Figures from Engineers Australia show that Australia has some of the top establishments in the world when it comes to providing education for engineers. The QS World University rankings placed four Australian institutions inside the top 50 for civil and structural engineering.

Highest on the list was the University of New South Wales, which came in at number 14. This was followed by the University of Sydney at number 19 and Monash University in 27th place. Meanwhile, the University of Melbourne was ranked in 39th position.

Australian universities also ranked well for electrical and electronic and chemical engineering, alongside mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering.

Ongoing development

Recruiters are looking for more than just people with the right outlook and qualifications these days - engineers need to show a willingness to improve their skills and develop new competencies.

Enhance your workers' skills with training programs.
Enhance your workers' skills with training programs.

As Engineers Australia points out, there is no longer a need to sit in a classroom to carry out Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and courses don't come with expensive fees. In many cases, employers allow their staff to learn on the job, which also minimises the amount of free time needed to complete extra qualifications.

Engineers Australia has developed myCPD, which provides access to a wide range of industry courses that have been developed in conjunction with experts. This gives candidates the chance to develop their professional skills, which employers will look keenly upon when taking on new engineering staff.

To remain one of the country's most trusted and ethical professions, keeping skills updated has never been so important for the nation's engineers.

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