What (not) to do on social media when job searching

Posted by Design & Construct on 22-Jan-2016 15:13:49

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Between updating our Facebook status, connecting with people on Linkedin and posting tweets on Twitter, many of us spend a considerable amount of our day on social media. These mediums have taken the world by storm, but have had a clear impact on what we deem private information and blurred the lines between content shared to family/friends and total strangers.

While some might not see this a bad thing, this information and content can come back to hurt you when it comes to finding a new executive job. More and more hiring managers are going out of their way to search candidates online and what they find could be the difference between receiving a job interview or not.

According to a 2015 CareerBuilder survey, 52 per cent of employers research job candidates through social media. This is up 43 per cent on 2014 and 39 per cent in 2013. With this in mind, what are the biggest social media mistakes that are costing candidates?

Hiring managers use social media as a information source.
Hiring managers use social media as a information source.

Do you fall into these categories?

In early January, OfficeTeam polled more than 300 HR managers on their social media investigations and what raised the proverbial red flag. Close to half (45 per cent) cited the presence of negative or inappropriate comments on a profile, while 35 per cent mentioned being tagged or posting inappropriate or risque photos.



OfficeTeam District President Brandi Britton explained that many people think their content is protected because it is posted on a private profile.

"People often believe posting on social media is just harmless fun, but in reality, employers frequently look online to learn about prospective hires," she said.

"Professionals should think beyond eliminating unflattering content from their digital accounts to how they can wow hiring managers by showcasing career accomplishments and industry involvement."

"Professionals should think beyond eliminating unflattering content from their digital accounts."

Interestingly, OfficeTeam mentioned that having no social media or irregular posting could also negatively impact a candidate's recruitment chances.

This was highlighted by 17 per cent of respondents and means that candidates must be smart with social media use and ensure it shows their best attributes and behaviours. Rather than ignore this phenomenon, social media can be embraced, but it is suggested to stay away from inappropriate or controversial posts that might alienate hiring managers.


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