What to look for in a project manager?

Posted by Design & Construct on 10 Apr 2015, 01:06:30

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Projects of any size are only as strong as their leader or project manager. These key team members look after and set up different business aspects to help the organisation reach its potential.

Managing the strategic, financial and technological scope of a project is no easy task so it requires someone with a passion for problem solving and a keen eye for detail.

Project management is a growing area for recruitment and Design & Construct are well ahead of the curve. With a passionate team of consultants, we are able to meet your lofty standards.

With this in mind, what are three key skills to look out for in your next project manager?


1) Good communication

For a project to succeed, there needs to be a "one team, one dream" approach. As the head of operations, it is the project manager who ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal through open and honest communication.

This can include information surrounding goal setting, performance, expectations, feedback and overall responsibility.

However, a project manager's scope also extends to those not working on site - stakeholders. Communicating their wishes to the team is a vital piece of the puzzle and is the only way that expectations will ultimately be met.

2) Cool under pressure

Project managers need to be cool under pressure and come up with solutions that everyone is happy with. Projects often don't go to plan and small changes will need to be implemented. It is the mark of a quality project manager who can ride out a stressful event and make tangible amendments to ensure it doesn't happen again.

During the recruitment process, we investigate deep into a candidate's past to find examples of where they have encountered project problems and how they have worked to solve them efficiently.

3) Great team player

Although some project managers wish they could run the entire job themselves, it often requires a committed and dedicated team around them. As such, the project manager must be strong enough to hold everyone together to form a single cohesive unit, rather than a group of individuals.

A project manager needs to know to work with different personalities and skill sets to create the best outcome for all. This includes getting to know people on a personal level and applying these abilities in the most effective manner.

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