What to look for in an architect?

Posted by Design & Construct on 17-Mar-2015 18:14:47

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Architects play a pivotal role in the success of a building project. From the planning stage to the design and construction phases, if the architect understands the requirements of the client and undertakes the role in a professional manner, the outcome will be overwhelmingly positive.

However, if the architect gets the concept incorrect or allows mistakes to occur, the business in charge of the construction could face significant sanctions. This could range from compensation to industry penalties.

As such, architect recruitment is a key part of Design & Construct's offerings. Our expert team has gained a reputation for being one of the most respected in Australia and can find professional candidates for roles across the country.

Here are three attributes that we take into account:

1) Referrals

One of the strongest points that we consider for architects is their history in the industry. Especially if they've been in the sector for many years, there should be plenty of examples of projects that they've contributed to. 

Whether this is housing or high-rise construction, we investigate their architecture history and then can provide examples to prospective clients. This gives a unique snapshot of their work and indicates if they are up to your high standards.

2) Knowledge

As our clients understand, architecture is a complex profession, which means we need to find individuals that will excel in the role. With this in mind, our recruitment process investigates every candidate's skills and knowledge to ensure that they understand building materials and practices.

Architects should also be versed in a range of different software that provides the backbone to any project design. These technologies are industry-musts, so candidates should be have at least a basic competency in using them if they are to become an asset to the business.

3) Registration

Across each state and territory in Australia, architects must be registered with the Architects' Board in that area such as Queensland or New South Wales. This is then an assurance that the candidate has passed an industry-related program at university or other training facility.

Given the amount of money that is funded into construction projects, businesses must ensure that all professionals working on site are trained properly. We at Design & Construct take this issue very seriously, only providing candidates that are registered within the state that the project is located in.

Regardless of your location in Australia, Design & Construct can assist with your architecture recruitment. We only work alongside five clients at once to ensure that your needs are met appropriately.

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