Why hire graduates for your business?

Posted by Design & Construct on 29-Apr-2015 01:18:56

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While the construction industry is beginning to move in the right direction, there are other sectors of the economy which aren't moving as quickly. 

This means that projects are slower to manifest and recruitment isn't as healthy as it should be. However, hiring graduates is a way for businesses to plan for the future. This is where Design & Construct can help.

Graduate recruitment is important for many businesses, but with time restraints, it can be hard to dedicate resources to this area. Design & Construct take this recruitment category very seriously and are happy to pinpoint new graduates who can make a mark on your business.

Here are three reasons why companies should hire graduates:

1) Succession planning

It is no surprise that Australia's working population is ageing considerably and it is time for businesses to consider their options for the future. While a graduate isn't going to walk straight into a senior leadership role, ensuring there are quality workers below that level means when people do retire, the business continues to flourish.

By hiring a graduate, they can be well-versed in business processes and skills when the baby-boomer generation calls it a day.

2) New technology

New technology is sweeping across all industries in Australia, providing greater automation and collaboration in the workplace. However, for existing workers who haven't trained or have any tangible skills to use this technology, the transition could be difficult.

One of the true benefits of hiring graduates is that these individuals have technology wired into their skill sets and are comfortable using it. Through their university degree or TAFE qualification, they've been taught how technology applies to their industry and have been accessed on their ability.

As more technology is implemented, new graduates will be at the forefront of ensuring your business uses it in the right way.

3) Ideas and solutions

As a business develops and moves with industry trends, it is possible to get the blinkers on and not be open to new ideas and innovations. However, if you want to beat the competition, this is not the way to get ahead.

New graduates have just exited the education system and are brimming with ideas and solutions for their industry. While many might not reach implementation, having a new source of innovation can spark your business into a much brighter future.

For more information about graduate recruitment, contact our expert consultants today at Design & Construct.