Will the engineering building services sector continue to grow in 2016?

Posted by Design & Construct on 20-Nov-2015 03:31:24

It is fair to say that the engineering building services sector has come a significant way in a short period of time. Just two years ago, opportunities for these professionals were limited with a poor outlook of the Australian economy predicted.

However, now we are close to completing an outstanding year in this sector and getting ready to launch into 2016 with the same energy that 2015 brought. In this article, we will review the 2015 engineering building services sector, but also provide some insight into the coming 12 months and how engineering candidates and businesses can make the most of these boom times.

2015 in review

If we could describe the state of this industry in one word it would be 'buoyant'.

If we could describe the state of this industry in one word it would be 'buoyant'. As the year has passed, we have seen the different sub-sectors within building services expand, with engineering consultancy proving to be a great example.

Thanks to a demand for innovative design initiatives, the last seven to eight months have been fantastic for candidates in this field. The knock-on effect is construction prospects have improved and those with installation experience were able to capitalise on these projects.

This positive growth and sentiment has led to plentiful employment opportunities as most organisations have looked to increase their staff counts. From a candidate perspective, there were better career prospects, higher wages available and more senior opportunities to seek out.

Pleasingly, there is plenty more of this expected in 2016.

2016 predictions

If anything, 2016 is shaping up to be more impressive than this year. A number of key projects are now underway, coupled with the construction side of the industry moving through a significant period of high market confidence.

Recent statistics suggest building approvals for both residential and commercial properties are also continuing to rise and further population increases in the coming months should add further fuel to this fire.

One important event which could spark further opportunities in the engineering industry next year is the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. While this is still two years away, work on the associated infrastructure and improvements to the region are expected to gain real momentum moving into 2016.

Engineering is an industry on the rise.
Engineering is an industry on the rise.

Advice for engineering candidates

Regardless of whether you're a new graduate seeking your first full-time role or a senior engineering professional wanting a new challenge, 2016 should have plenty of opportunities to choose from.

  • Graduate engineers

Now is a great opportunity to start forging careers in chosen disciplines within the engineering space. Most organisations are looking to increase staff numbers generally and have many opening for those keen to learn.

  • Senior engineers

For candidates who have plenty of Australian experience, the niche roles are now available - something of real note compared to a number of years ago. One important consideration for these professionals is a need to be responsible and engage with younger engineers as there are so many coming through. Those that can do this could expect high remuneration possibilities.

Advice for engineering businesses looking to recruit

Engineering businesses need to be able to attract the top candidates in the market. The best way to achieve this by giving individuals a clear understanding of the culture of the organisation , including career prospects, remuneration and benefits.

Nonetheless, working with a recruitment provider such as Design & Construct can ensure engineering businesses have access to high quality candidates who can add real value to the organisation over time.

If you are a candidate or business seeking engineering opportunities, contact the team at Design & Construct today.