8 Steps to Building a Strong Team for Long Term Business Success

Posted by Design & Construct on 04-Sep-2017 09:39:06

“Success in business is about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage.” - Sir Richard Branson

There is a reason why the founder of the Virgin Group is so often quoted when it comes to building a strong team. His strong belief that the power a company has, comes from its employees and not the old adage ‘the customer always comes first’, is why the Virgin brand is synonymous with employee satisfaction, productivity and success.

Success comes from productivity, and productivity can only be achieved if your company is functioning in sync. To put it directly, if your team is not working together, you can kiss all promise of prosperity goodbye. Here are some steps you can take to foster a positive team culture and safeguard your team’s strength, as a whole.

Step One: Leadership

Before you look at your team, first focus on yourself as a leader. A good team needs a proactive manager, not a top-down dictator. There is no shame in seeking education to better yourself as a manager: it is always beneficial to keep learning, just as your employees are always learning on the job. Always try to be transparent in your communication; if you establish a trust between you and your employees, they will believe in your actions and goal setting, and will be more likely to work hard even when you are not around. Your job as a leader is to motivate your team to achieve goals, not because they have to, but because they want to.

Step Two: Get personal

Get to know your employees and find out what truly motivates them. From this task alone, you can learn how you can match their skills with the tasks/issues at hand, and discover how to unite their capabilities to the team’s benefit. This knowledge is also valuable to employee development; you will gain better insight into what skills they excel in, what they can improve on and where their potential lies.

“A team should operate as a mosaic whose unique strengths and differences convert into a powerful united force.” - Sri Gaddam

If you’re on the hunt to update your team or even to expand, take a look through these interview tips to help you find and attract the very best talents for your business.

Step Three: Set goals

Now that you have established your team values and culture, ensure that you are setting achievable ‘S.M.A.R.T’. Nothing kills morale faster than the thought of facing insurmountable odds. Setting milestones will help you track individual performance and keep your team on target. Including your team in goal setting and future planning will give them a sense of purpose and attachment to the success of the business.

Step Four: Feedback

Don’t wait until something happens to derail the efforts of the team; if you are proactive with feedback, you will be able to identify roadblocks before they become a problem. Feedback is an integral part of communication, and communication is a two-way street. Giving your team members a voice helps them stay engaged. Another helpful tip is to implement mentoring: mentoring new employees and pairing those with others who may be more knowledge or offer differing skills will help build the strength of your team faster.

Step Five: Identify setbacks

Keep your eyes open for any negative variables which may have an impact on your team’s performance. Personality clashes between team members or fixed mindsets when it comes to problem-solving can reduce productivity. Focus on identifying issues like these before they become a problem. For example, you could bring in an outside perspective to prevent ‘group think’ from taking hold. Likewise, if your team experiences any kind of failure, bring the team together to discuss the issues at hand. Avoid placing the blame on any one individual, instead give your team the opportunity to work through the situation with equal responsibility.

Step Six: Team building

A fantastic way to improve your team’s communication skills and encourage collaboration is by implementing team building activities. By engaging your team in a challenge-based activity, they will be presented with the opportunity to develop problem solving skills, boost communication and reinvigorate morale through the team’s sense of accomplishment as a cohesive unit. This doesn’t have to be just challenge-based (aka paintball, escape rooms, go karting), but you could also host smaller functions such as a team lunch, an office party, or a social event.

Step Seven: Implement a strong recruitment process

Building your team begins with recruitment. This means, having clear goals and a strong hiring process that aligns with your company’s values. Know what you want and explore the market. Whatever your industry, whether that be construction, architecture, engineering or even trades and labour, a recruitment specialist like Design and Construct will have the resources, experience and consultants to help you find the right staff for your organization. Call Design and Construct today on 1300 365 078 or take a look at their recruitment services to start building your dream team, today.

Step Eight: Celebrate Success

And lastly, don’t forget to celebrate successes, no matter how small. Giving recognition to your team on their accomplishments will promote a positive workplace and increase productivity. Taking the time to celebrate success can encourage your team to focus on why and how they were successful, and lead them to better understand of how to achieve future objectives.

“The best minute you spend is the one you invest in people” – Ken Blanchard