Career advice for 2017 – do you have a plan?

Posted by Design & Construct on 18-Jan-2017 11:07:39

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The start of a New Year is the perfect time to find a new job or even change careers. Hopefully now feeling refreshed and full of vigour, it’s time to take stock and prepare for the new challenges that lie ahead in 2017.


3 career tips for 2017

Even with a solid plan, it takes time, luck and dedication to accomplish your career goals. Finding a new job requires research, determination, and positivity. Use the momentum of the New Year to regroup, address your needs and bolster your confidence.

Step 1: Specialise don’t generalise

There may be any number of reasons which have made you decide to pursue a new career, but the first thing you need to do is make an important decision. Do you remain in the same sector or role, or do you try something new?

Either way, once you have made the decision, you must specialise, don’t generalise. Remember, no one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something! Let us know what makes you special: 

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Step 2: You are unique and it’s time to show it!

Career_advice_unique_tips.jpgIn 2017, employers want enthusiastic innovators, so use this to your advantage and get creative. It’s a new year and time to update your online profile. We live in a digital age, therefore, find your unique talent or skill and use this to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn.

Showcase specific skills that highlight your knowledge and experience. You may have the same job title as the person applying for the position you want, but how do you do the job better? What can you bring to the New Years after-party?


Connect, connect, connect!

Increase your chance to be noticed, and use experienced industry specific recruiters like Design & Construct to connect you directly to business decision makers and get career advice.


Step 3: The interview - time to shine

Research the company’s corporate website and Linkedin profile to find out more about who will be interviewing you. You will not only discover how the company operates, but often you will also get an insight into the type of colleagues you will be working with. Remember, preparation is everything.  Polish your performance and dress accordingly for the role, be polite, and articulate your questions fully.

Design & Construct can help you prepare, advise and guide you through the intricacies of the interview process.


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At Design and Construct, we anticipate 2017 to be even more demanding, with more employers looking for innovative, unique personnel. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use all our available careers support and advice to help achieve your career goals in 2017.

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