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Posted by Design & Construct on 20-Feb-2018 11:02:21

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In the world, seen as a Global Village, prolonged instability of the financial market, causes shocks throughout the world’s economies, leaving the vast majority of securities, cryptocurrencies, real estate and other kinds of investors rolling in the failure of the digitalised financial resources gone worthless. Alongside them, other industries suffer. Past decade was the lavish display of all we just mentioned.

Choosing a job as a mechanical engineer, you will be a part of a production process that pushes and drives the economy on the road of exciting and innovative future.

Many experienced wonders what their life would be like if they choose a career based on the field of engineering, instead of social sciences. That’s why 2018, and the years to come, is the right period for you to get yourself on the road of forming perspective knowledge foundation. Expert knowledge, which also increases chances of getting into that higher pay grade, will lead to professional fulfilment as well.

With earnings of well above the national average of Australia of around $80.000, join the workforce segment where your diploma in mechanical engineering and experience in the field could secure that salary of up to $150.000 per annum.

Do you want to be the one who will question their career choices in their 40’s, or you want to be the one to add real new value to the economy?


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Be the creator of the process creation

Mechanical engineers design machines and tools, organise their production and deal with their exploitation. They are engineers for propulsion engines, vehicles, and vessels, process and power plants, load-bearing structures, military equipment. On the line of work, they apply theoretical knowledge in natural and technical sciences, and they use to design and mathematical methods, utilising drawing tools and cutting-edge computers. Mechanical engineers can be employed in all enterprises of industrial production. In their work, they can specialize by product or by a technological process.


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Explore and realise the full potential of your neurones

The development of new technologies influences the work of mechanical engineers. CAD programs, computer-aided design, enable engineers to easily and quickly modify projects. Computer programs for CAM, computer-aided manufacturing, are used to design tools, production procedures and production processes of finished products. In the recent times, mechanical engineers have been working on the construction facilities for the exploitation of marine and underwater resources, to explore the universe and apply the knowledge of artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Forget about boring routine!

Because of the global technological advancement development and application of the latest technological achievements, you must be ready for continuous professional improvement. Thanks to computer technology, routine jobs are becoming ever fewer and the emphasis is on creativity in designing new, commercially competitive, products.


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