Crane Capital, Sydney, Under Construction

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The capital of New South Wales (NSW) is also known as the crane capital because it is continuously under construction. The population had been warned that 2017 was going to be the construction year. The number of cranes signifies the number of construction projects in the city. Recently, 350 cranes were seen in Sydney.

Welcome to Sydney!

Barangaroo has been the centre of change for the past 10 years, which also includes the city’s second casino under construction. The construction numbers on the roof with the two light railway lines, the Sydney Metro and West/NorthConnex motorway extravaganza worth $17 billion.

Construction includes divisions for building, reconstruction, repair and maintenance, and alterations with various employment subclasses. This sector is the largest employment sector in Australia.


Australian Construction Industry in a Glimpse

  • 10.6% of the total Australian industry revenue is denoted for the construction.
  • 8.3% of the total construction workforce is in NSW.
  • Sydney engages 9.7% of the total workforce.
  • Out of the 1,154,500 people from the total Australian workforce, 77,035 are from Sydney’s construction sector.
  • 19% employment has increased over the last five years in Sydney’s construction sector.
  • 38 years is the median age for construction workers of Sydney.
  • $1,250 is the average full-time income per week in Sydney’s construction sector.


Constructional Famine

Sydney is dealing with a massive shortage of construction workers due to the big construction projects that have been initiated in the past few years with many still waiting to be started. Such development had led to an increased demand for skilled workers in this field. Various companies are stressed about the numerous vacancies that they need to fill as soon as possible.


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There is a shortage of bricklayer men, stonemasons, glaziers, solid plasterers, carpenters, fibrous plasterers, joiners, roof tilers, painting trade workers, wall tilers, floor tilers, plumbers, cabinetmakers, electricians, and as well as project managers. This shortage is a huge problem for the construction projects of Sydney as they project owners have a schedule to follow. The predicted deadline cannot be met if they are all short of the necessary staff.


 construction industry sydneyCrane in North Sydney - credit Design & Construct.


Is there a Solution?

Companies are using attractive methods to lure the skilled workers towards their projects. They have offered lavish wages, referral bonuses for the people who bring the required workers and even full sponsorships for foreign workers. Usually, companies do not play such bait games, but the shortage is that serious. The benefits for workers employed in this industry are on the rise. This is an excellentt incentive for needy workers to shift to Sydney due to the innumerable opportunities.

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The farther one goes from home, the more issues he has to face. The building laws and values are different for every other country causing major issues in becoming fully licensed workers of Australia, let alone Sydney. The overseas trade qualification standard is set too high for other countries making it almost impossible to fill the demand and supply gap.


Future Demand for Workers in Construction

The world is on the road towards constant change and development. The future trends have been predicted to create further demand for construction workers with an even greater shortage. The future trends in Sydney will be modular construction, sustainable living, 3D printing and robots in construction. These trends definitely will have a major effect on the industry and will open the doors to innovative, constructive ideas, requiring more workers. Keep reading melbourne - the rapidly building phenomenon.


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