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Energex, a government subsidiary of Energy Queensland Limited, is set to continue work on the AUD $86.7 million SunCoast power project.

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The project initially announced in 2006, was placed on hold, but after a detailed assessment of alternative routes and environmental impacts, it will now commence.

Work is expected to start in stages with land preparation, surveys and design taking place over a nine-month period. Dependant on weather conditions, the civil works are due to begin in early 2018 with an expected completion date of 2020.



About Energex

Energex has distributed electricity to homes and business for over a 100 years and maintains operations in South East Queensland. Today, Energex provides services to almost 1.4 million domestic and business connections, delivering electricity to a population base of around 3.4 million people.



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Energex will continue liaising with community groups to ensure the project progresses on schedule and adheres to the strict environmental guidelines in place.

The company is committed to safeguarding jobs in Sunshine Coast and delivering a project which is crucial for future safety and reliability of the electricity supply throughout the region. Find more jobs in Queensland here. 

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Boost to support the coast’s growth

After visiting the site, Minister for Energy Mark Bailey, said the project was crucial to meet the energy demands of a rising population and new housing developments in the area only heightened the urgency for the SunCoast project to proceed.

“This project will directly benefit more than 100,000 homes and businesses and indirectly boost supply to a further 175,000 electricity customers on the Sunshine Coast”, said Minister for Energy Mark Bailey.

Energy Queensland Executive General Manager for Asset Safety and Performance Peter Price said the increase in capacity was required to meet projected increases in demand, particularly during peak usage times.


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