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Posted by Design & Construct on 30-Jan-2017 10:57:09

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The Australian Government has agreed to build a new AUD $662 million 116 - turbine wind farm at Murra Warra windfarm near Horsham in Victoria.

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The new windfarm has the capability to supply electricity to 250,000 homes and remove more than one million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, commented that the state of Victoria is paving the way for investment and jobs in the wind sector. The project will support the local economy and is expected to create over 600 new construction jobs in Victoria.



The project at Murra Warra will also account for 25% of the government’s 2020 renewable energy targets for electricity generated in Victoria. It is expected to reach 40 percent by the year 2025 and create thousands of new renewable energy jobs.

Queensland reaches a new milestone as well with its ambition to provide renewable energy projects, with long-term benefits that create jobs and stimulate regional economic growth. See our previous post


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“This year we’ve approved 228 turbines across four windfarms – that shows the market is responding to the streamlined approvals process we introduced, and it demonstrates the confidence companies have in investing in Victoria,” said Minister for Planning Richard Wynne.


The future is looking good for Victorians as the new developments like Murra Warra windfarm, also bring new investment and new technologies to the state.


The people of Victoria will also have more choice when it comes to selecting new energy suppliers. More importantly, it will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the government to meet future targets.


“We’re proud to be transitioning Victoria to a net zero, climate resilient community and economy. This 116 turbine project will play an important role in us delivering on our nation leading renewable energy targets,” said Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio.


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