Energy ambition to create new construction jobs in Queensland

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Queensland reaches a new milestone with its ambition to provide renewable energy projects, with long-term benefits that create jobs and stimulate regional economic growth.

Construction work will shortly begin at the Emerald Wind Farm in North Queensland and is another positive step in Queensland’s renewable energy journey.

“The Atherton Tableland’s Mount Emerald Wind Farm, is a prime example of industry and investor confidence in the government’s ambition to drive new renewable energy investment and jobs in our regions,” said Energy Minister Mark Bailey.

The project is looking in safe hands with long-term operations and maintenance contracts in place, along with a 25-year grid connection agreement with Powerlink. A further significant investment of $360 million from renewable investor Ratch Australia will also create 150 new construction jobs.

“This project will see opportunities throughout the North Queensland’s local supply chain, for example, the towers and turbine will be brought through the Cairns port and transported to site, and, during the process there will also be requirements to employ local professional services,” said Energy Minister Mark Bailey.


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Treasurer Curtis Pitt also commented that Northern Queenslanders have longed for a power station and there is now one in the pipeline. The new development will use the latest technology available and importantly it will be 100 per cent carbon neutral.



Delivering crucial new job opportunities to Northern Queensland


“In terms of direct investment and economic activity, the projections are for more than $400 million in total expenditure in the region over the two-year construction period and 25-year life of the project,” said Mr Pitt.

There are also plans to design and build other projects like Emerald Wind Farm, which are expected to be overseen by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency in Georgetown, Oakey, Longreach, and in the Whitsundays.

“These projects position Queensland as a leader for renewable energy investment and combined, will deliver $630 million of new investment, creating around 600 direct jobs and hundreds more indirect jobs in our regions,” said Minister Assisting the Premier, Ms O’Rourke.

With hundreds of new construction jobs, Queensland will be Australia’s premier state when it comes to new renewable energy projects.

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