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Stop everything and look at yourself, what do you see? In a world of unlimited objects (hopefully none of them unidentified), you will see blocks of cement and tiles towering over you. But is it right to label them as plain blocks of cement and tiles? We think not!

These buildings, homes and places around you are a product of somebody’s intense hard work, perfectionist skill and passionate dedication. That somebody was an architect and a designer!

The importance of design and architecture:

Architects are an extremely crucial part of our society, not only because they construct our homes or offices for us but because they shape our ideas into reality, they turn our dreams from fantasy to real life. The fact that we acknowledge the importance of these brilliant minds and skilful hands speaks volumes about the need for people who can enhance the design and architecture of the places around us. They are also needed to create a world of art and beauty. Keep reading a spotlight on the forgotten designs and constructions >

Imagine what would the world have come to if there was no concept of design and architecture? Can you see a world without the giant Colosseum, the magnificent Taj Mahal or the Sydney Opera house? Thanks to these designers and architects, we are saved from the pain of looking at such a black and white world.

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The demand for designers and architects in Australia:

The demand for designers, especially interior designers, is excruciatingly high in Australia, majorly because of high living standards and the fact that these standards are only rising with every passing day. If you have worked your way through a tough degree and polished your aesthetic sense, we have the perfect jobs for you that will do absolute justice to your skill, talent and knowledge.

Architects are also in high demand specifically for the design and architecture of high-rise residential buildings. The reason is the rise in population because of Australia immigrant policy and the consequent increase in immigrants. Architects are also in demand because their skill needs to be utilised to cater people who have less capacity for construction and need professional expertise to make most of their allotted space.


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What to expect in the field of design & architecture:

Employers want individuals with an aesthetic sense and a passion for creating something innovative, so if you think you have these qualities, you can easily demand a respectable salary package in this field. The fact that it is not a 9 to 5 desk job and each task differs from the other will give you an added benefit of exploring not only design and architecture but also meeting new people and visiting new places.

The scale of enhancing your experience in this field is much more than in any other because with every project your experience varies. The level of respect and confidence attributed to architects and designers is also much needed for an important kick-start to your career. However, none of this ends here. There is a lot more in store for you which you will only experience once you have stepped into the professional world.

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