Why the Construction Industry is Shifting to Digital Priority Management

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Topics discussed in this article: Why is Everyone Going Digital?

  • For Executive Teams: 3 Driving Factors to Adopt a Digital Solution
  • For Project Managers: The “Missing Piece”
  • For Superintendents: The Mobile Advantage
  • What is Priority Matrix?
  • How Construction Teams are Leveraging Priority Matrix to Increase Productivity



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Going Digital – Everyone‘s Doing It


Digital construction technology is developing faster than ever. And for a good cause.

When it comes to collaboration and communication, in a survey conducted by Sage, 33% of professionals expressed the need to improve, while 32% want to streamline processes. Doing so will not only improve the quality of projects, but will have a real and measurable impact on construction firms’ bottom line.

According the Boston Consulting Group, “full-scale digitalization will lead to huge annual global cost savings. For nonresidential construction, those savings will be $0.7 trillion to $1.2 trillion (13 to 21 percent) in the design and E&C phases, and $0.3 trillion to $0.5 trillion (10 to 17 percent) in the operations phase.”

In this article, we’ll explore how digital priority management software is moving the needle for construction teams, from executives to superintendents.


Priority Management for Executives: 3 Driving Factors to Adopt a Digital Solution

As an executive, you need your team operating at peak efficiency. Digital priority management results in:

1) Better personal prioritization. Your time has a dollar value. So does every member of your firm. Adopting a tool that helps team members manage their time more effectively results in a huge, measurable shift in the value of your workers. What’s more, real-time visibility of where team priorities lie increases your ability to help your team use their time more effectively.

2) Real time visibility of progress toward shared goals. When action items are captured in a centralized tool, executives have access to status updates at their fingertips. No more cobbling together email updates, sticky notes, and Google docs to gauge.

3) Simplified performance tracking. Digital solutions offer a concrete record of individual accountability over time. Say goodbye to guessing games and say hello to better accountability across the board.


For Project Managers: Digital Priority Management is “The Missing Piece”

There are hundreds of tools on the market built to help project managers build schedules, monitor financials, and allocate project resources.  But where is the easy-to-use app for keeping track of your team’s action items and their status? Digital priority management solutions ensure:

1) Nothing important slips through the cracks. Digital solutions enable PMs to delegate action items to each member of their team and track progress in one simple, centralized dashboard of project information, across multiple projects.

2) More effective communication with on-site teams. When PMs and superintendents can communicate in real time, turnaround time on deliverables is reduced from days, to hours. You’ll cut down on site visits, too.

3) Record-keeping of project updates and exceptions. Going digital means everything is tracked. When it comes time to drill down on what caused project delays or review key project decisions made by your team, you’ll have access to the information you need in seconds.


Superintendents: The Mobile Advantage

Tired of walking around on-site all day, only to get back to the trailer at 5:00 PM and spend hours relaying updates through email, only to have it slip through your PMs inbox in the morning? For superintendents, digital solutions provide the ability to “manage while walking around”.

1) Mobile updates make it back to the office in real time. Need something from your Project Manager? Want to snap a picture and send an update? Grab an iPad and get moving.

2) Clear communication with procurement, project managers, and assistants. Digital solutions result in a centralized priority list for your project. Priority management solutions include the ability to add context to the action items needed from your team, and track whether or not requests have been completed. 

3) Visibility of team commitments. Build a simple schedule of foremen’s commitments to ensure nobody is scheduled to be in two places at once. Update it from your desk, or on the go.


What is Priority Matrix?

Priority Matrix is a priority management software used by construction teams to communicate project updates and action items in a simple, effective platform.

Teams who use Priority Matrix achieve:

Clear visibility of team action items

  • Real-time notification of issues as they arise
  • More effective communication
  • Increased accountability
  • Progress tracking of action items
  • Centralized status updates
  • Documentation of project updates and decisions
  • and more!




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How Construction Teams Leverage Priority Matrix for Better Productivity

65% of 900 Construction professionals surveyed by On Center Software say that the number one process which incurs costs, and demands optimization, are reworks.

Digital priority management software like Priority Matrix  supports clear team communication, to help you avoid time consuming reworks and wasted resources. 

Let’s explore how:

Each morning, project managers who use Priority Matrix have a clear and concise list of what their team has planned for the day, or for the week. Procurement knows exactly what to purchase, superintendents know exactly what needs to happen on site, and PMs can step in to help the team re-prioritize when necessary.

This means mistakes get proactively prevented, rather than repaired.


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