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Preparation is under way to begin construction of a new high-capacity train line to accommodate 65 new High-Capacity Metro Trains (HCMTs) in Melbourne.


New engineering jobs in Melbourne


Victoria’s state government has committed up to $660 million to carry out the major upgrade of Melbourne’s busiest train line and Metro Tunnel. Work will commence over the coming years between the City Loop, Pakenham and Cranbourne. A total of 18 stations with longer platforms will also be built to cater for the new trains.

The new type of train is longer than the current model and enables hundreds of extra passengers to travel on each journey.


Passenger capacity will rise by 42%, creating room for 11,000 new travelers at peak times. Works will also include replacing more than 70 kilometres of overhead power lines to boost reliability and support more services.


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The state government has pledged to build all the new trains in Victoria, with Pakenham East getting a new depot as part of the upgrades. Alongside the new yard, a new maintenance facility will also be built to house up to 30 trains. As well as creating new engineering jobs in Melbourne, the project will provide opportunities apprentices and engineering cadets.


The first HCMT is expected to be operational in 2019, with All 65 trains ready for the opening of the Metro Tunnel in 2026.


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The demand for engineers in Melbourne has also been a recent focus of online career portal SEEK. The recent 2016 infographic on “fastest growing jobs”, revealed that the Engineering industry is among the fastest growing sectors in Australia. Read our last article about the top job in 2017.


Project Engineering jobs growth has seen an increase of 55%, with salaries up by 8%. Engineering Drafting Jobs growth was also up by 40%, with a rise in salaries of 0.6%



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