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Posted by Design & Construct on 11-Jan-2018 10:49:23

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You and I, all of us, we are social beings, and in the world today, where everything is getting more connected, what's a better way to materialise that archetype characteristic that makes us who we are, then to add new creative and functional value to all sorts of materials and connect people and businesses by designing and building a bridge. 

Construction belongs to the oldest human activities whose roots go back to the beginning our civilisation. The industry of today demands from you to be capable of engaging in the projects of housing, airports, dock and waterways, sports venues, landscaping and business facilities alike.


Explore your potential and become an expert in your field 

As a responsible, complex and creative position, entry-level construction jobs are something to think about in the world where highly skilled and educated young construction engineers are respected and valued more and more. If you are willing to learn, further enhance and develop your skills on many levels than entry-level construction jobs are a solution that will nurture your talents and satisfy your ambition. The needs of a modern society and an urge for urbanization worldwide, dictate the implementation of deregulation as a guiding principle in national economies around the globe. That makes the job in the construction industry a flexible environment that gives a positive incentive for professional growth, especially on the entry level construction jobs.


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What about salary?

Construction industry significantly affects the overall development of society, and different studies and surveys show that the “society” knows how to appreciate that. Regarding job outlook in a decade to come, statistical authorities in different national economies, predict an annual growth of around 8 % at least. For an annual salary reaching amounts from $82,000 all the way to $94,000 is one of the factors to consider when choosing your career path. Managing projects, defining the technology of construction, oversight and other activities of a construction engineer, teamed up with architects, structural and transportation engineers you will have one of the crucial roles in any project.

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