GCC2018: Not just green and gold, but green and good

Posted by Design & Construct on 09-Oct-2017 09:35:53

In the contemporary setting of international displays of athleticism, it makes sense to invest in sustainable and flexible design and construction. Modern events like the Olympics and the Commonwealth games are economically demanding, but can be equally rewarding in the long run if the structures can be repurposed and reused after the masses have gone.

Design and Construct have hired for some of the biggest architectural and engineering companies behind the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, which have been striving to achieve this feat of corporate social responsibility since the winning bid was announced. With all eyes on the Gold Coast next year; this will be Australia’s opportunity, using the visibility of an international sporting spectacle, to send the message that we are the new world leaders in ecological and economical construction design.

Australian architectural companies such as ARM, Arkhefield and Archipelago have worked together to execute the perfect blend of intelligent design and organic aesthetics in the Parklands athlete’s village, and development heavyweights Grocon and Norman Disney & Young have been working tirelessly bringing this vision to life.

The Parklands development will serve as the athlete’s village for the GCC2018 and will house over 6,500 competitors and officials. As impressive as the project will be for the duration of the games, what is more impressive is what it will transform into, post-game. This urban ‘mini city’ is set to become a residential community and retail hub; a constituent of the new Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct. The development has been awarded a 6-star rating (world leadership) on the Green Star Communities rating system and received 6 EnviroDevelopment Leaf icons - clearly demonstrating the developers’ intentions that the 2018 Games will be setting the new standard for sustainable structures.

Further evidence of this clean, green mentality is the architecture of the village, designed to reflect the natural beauty of the Gold Coast hinterland. An organic colour scheme will echo the flora and fauna of the great south east and the heart of the village has been modelled off the Gold Coast’s own ‘natural bridge’ in the Springbrook National Park.

This village-come-retail hub isn’t the only legacy the GCC2018 will be leaving behind either. Three new sporting venues are being created along with the redevelopment of at least seven existing facilities. This act of refurbishing and repurposing existing structures will be more financially viable for the state, and in the long run will provide countless new opportunities for future Australian athletes.

With the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games less than a year away, it will be good to see these green ideas come to fruition, to watch Australia captivate the world with not only our outstanding athletic prowess, also but our innovative design and construction. And hopefully Australia will walk away with more than just gold.

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