Will Generation Z dominate other generations such as Millennials?

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Born after 1995, this generation will have a larger percentage of graduates than previous generation including the tech-savvy Millennials (born after 1982).

How will the generation whose first toy was an iPad fair in the current workplace?

On top of being formally educated, they are highly adept at web-based learning and self-educate with online resources such as YouTube.

This is the generation for which social media is second nature, and the oldest members of Generation Z, are now starting to enter the workforce and earn their own income.

The media consumption habits of Generation Z differ significantly from previous generations, as Millennials grew up with dial-up and the Dot-com boom, Generation Z has grown up with smartphones and Snapchat.



Will Generation Z dominate other generations such as Millennials?

However, with the world now focusing more on social media and marketing and the fact that employers now want innovative thinkers, will the reign of the millennial come to a close sooner than its predecessors?


At present millennials will still have the upper hand as they are embedded in the workplace and have the experience that the youngest generation does not currently have. However, they are quick learners, and more complex problems will undoubtedly be easier to solve than their counterparts, with knowledge overtaking experience in no time at all.

Millennials wanted to, and still, want to make a difference in the world. They still pursue the work-life balance, a rewarding career, good salary and great workplace culture. The good news for employers is that the Generation Z want this too, but will need more to keep them stimulated and on task.

They understand the process of marketing and have developed brands on their own channels, gaining followers most companies would dream of having. The world is changing at a rapid pace. We are all starting to crave instant gratification, Generation Z understands this and has a finger on the pulse of current interaction.



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Organisations of the future will need to understand how this new Generation came to be, and how they can engage with these 21st-century workers. In order to prepare for the future employment market, educators and workplaces may need to adapt further to accommodate Generation Z.


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They will choose their employer rather than an employer choosing them.

In the workplace they are going to expect flexibility. The modern day business world will see Generation Z take the lead role of professional, permanent freelancers. Furthermore, they will be more formally educated than any generation before them and they will be in demand.


They are a sophisticated generation who will make the world a better place by networking and innovation through the use of technology. They have the edge; this is the generation that has never known a world without Internet, smartphones or iPods. They have grown up with information at their fingertips, they can process information quickly, want success and want it now.

They will be tougher than we think and have the longevity to see out a prolonged period of employment, like the good old days. They have experienced a great deal in a little time and they will have a level of maturity and sense of social justice that comes with growing up in a world of economic turmoil, war and natural disaster.

In 2014 the Northeastern University in Boston carried out a national survey revealing that members of “Generation Z” are highly self-directed, demonstrated by a strong desire to work for themselves, study entrepreneurship and design individualised programs of study in college. Read our last article about what people consider to be the best workplace perk.


Do you think that you will need them to ensure the future success of your company? Most definitely! For now, though you are still in safe hands with Millennials.


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