How to attract and retain the talent pool?

Posted by Design & Construct on 18-Oct-2016 16:15:51

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With hundreds of people now applying for one advertised position, ensuring you have the right person, first time, is going to be crucial to the stability and development of your company. Finding the right fit for your business can be a time-consuming and costly process especially if you need to keep replacing candidates that are not suitable.

Since opening our doors in 2004, we have conducted hundreds of exit interviews and collated the feedback given by candidates to establish why they leave in the first place. When people resign, they tend to leave quickly and without telling you the real reason for leaving.

Most will profess to need a change in career or a new challenge; the truth is usually simpler than that. In most cases and from our experience it comes down to leadership issues and company culture.

So it makes sense having gone through the protracted process of finding your ideal employee, to do all you can to retain their services.



So what makes a difference? Leaders do.

Different styles of management influence individuals differently, fact. Retaining your hard found talent is also a responsibility of managers, not just company owners. Successful companies have three things in common; they have great people, great culture and great leadership.




Step 1: Develop a positive culture

You can help retain top talent by adapting, being flexible and making sure your employees feel valued. Perks aside. People also like to be liked and appreciated for a job well done. Every business is target focussed and results driven, most employees appreciate this and strive to do their best regarding targets and exceeding expectation.

Step 2: Be brave and ask for feedback

Encourage an open door policy and positive meetings to enable feedback without retribution. They say that honesty is the best policy, but implementing this kind of culture takes practice, the ability to lead from the front, and most importantly, courage.

Step 3: Learn, Develop and Adapt

Shaping a culture is a daunting task since many of the valuable qualities a leader might have are never taught, they are gained from life experiences. Emotional maturity, authenticity, and a strong character are all essential if leadership in a culture-driven company is to be effective.


The talent pool is huge, but only a few talented individuals swim in it. So it makes perfect sense to use a service that can give you instant access to the talent you need and help you find the right fit, first time, every time.

The cost of hiring the wrong people can be significant to all involved.

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