How to find great Civil Engineering Jobs?

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Australia has a shortage of civil engineers, with a recent vacancies report by Engineering Australia showing job vacancies exceeding that of the general employment market in every state and territory of the country, but that demand is stronger in NSW and Victoria, with as much as 6.3 percent growth in engineering vacancies. 

However, that doesn’t mean there are jobs for every engineer to walk into, there is still a lot of competition for desirable positions. It simply means that there are not enough civil engineers with the right blend of technical ability and other qualities that businesses are looking for. In fact, the market for the best civil engineering jobs is still incredibly competitive, so how do you get to the head of the pack and land that great civil engineering job?

Of course, recruitment agencies are a key source of getting early access to new vacancies, but in a competitive market like engineering, it can be beneficial to use recruiters who specialise in construction and engineering. That tighter focus means they usually have a more in-depth knowledge of the market and opportunities as they become available. However, once they find the vacancy you are interested in, what next?

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The first thing to look at is your resume, make sure that your qualifications match the expectations of employers. For today’s civil engineering jobs, this means extra certification courses, especially for on-site skills that are outside of the scope of academic education, even membership of sports teams and so on can demonstrate teamwork and social skills that employees need today.

In addition, membership of the Institute of Civil Engineers can prove valuable too, demonstrating a commitment to the industry. If you are graduating from University, then an internship to gain experience can be incredibly useful, and help you stand out from the crowd of applicants for any position. To understand where you need to improve, look at the listings for civil engineering jobs, and what those employers expect, and if you are falling a little short in any area, see if there is anything you can do to remedy that.

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With a resume that reflects employers’ requirements, you stand a much better chance in the application process, and then it’s all about the interview.

The key to success during your interview is being prepared, learn about the company, think about questions you could ask which highlight that knowledge, because this can be just as important as the answers you give. For instance, research the projects they are currently working on, and ask questions about their progress or challenges. Civil engineering jobs invariably involve working with a team, and while having the right skills is crucial, for most jobs today, being a team player is just as important, so talk about your experiences in teams, even discussing groupwork during your educational courses if you are lacking work experience.

Finally, and this may be the most important step, don’t give up. Be confident in your own ability, you have the skills and knowledge to be successful in those positions you apply for, but you must apply. It is a numbers game, so it is important to keep applying and never give up. Start today, find your next engineering job HERE.