how to hire the right employee for your business?

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From a business’s point of view, it's important to recognise employee personality traits and then find the right combination of personality and skills.

How to hire the right employee for your business?


Personality affects all aspects of a person's performance and how they react to situations in the workplace. A business that has a better understanding of the different types of personality that their employees have will find it easier to engage and inspire.

Many contemporary psychologists have carried out research into the different dimensions our personality traits take.

Several independent sets of data-driven research, discovered and defined the following five broad factors:



Includes the traits of being energetic, talkative and assertive

2: Agreeableness

Includes the traits of being sympathetic, appreciative and affectionate

3: Openess

Includes traits like being insightful, imaginative and intelligent

4: Conscientiousness

Includes traits like being organized, methodical and thorough

5: Neuroticism

Includes traits like being moody, tense and anxious



Developing working relationships is an integral part of any work place, whether it be with clients, co-workers or employees. Understanding your personality will help you to recognise certain key traits in others, what drives them and help you gain an understanding of their behaviour.

Identifying the different types of personality in the workplace also enables relationships to be formed and help to create engaging working environments.


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How can we learn from this knowledge gained by years of research into personality traits, when it comes to recruiting new personnel?


Having a successful business is more than just having a product to sell, it is about having the right people, with the right personality. Our character and personality can make us stand out from the crowd.

Recruitment may be a stressful environment, read our last article. 


We all want to get along with one another and interact effectively, but sometimes personalities clash. To overcome this obstacle and ensure companies find the right personality fit, it is now a popular choice and an important part of the recruitment process to carry out Psychometric testing.


Psychometric testing helps employers to get a sense of how people will cope in the workplace and will also determine the traits such suitability, integrity, reliability and even sociability of the candidate. We offer psychometric testing for prospective employees at all levels and this approach allows you to create behavioural profiles to suit your needs.



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