Inside the mind of a recruiter: the advantages of recruitment agencies for candidates

Posted by Design & Construct on 23 Oct 2017, 11:48:23

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Staffing and recruitment is a heavily based ‘people role’, therefore at Design and Construct we only hire consultants who are passionate and driven to generate respected connections. In fact, our specialist recruiters devote countless hours structuring and building relationships with businesses so that when the time comes for them to hire new staff, they come to us. We work tirelessly to locate élite candidates, ones who will best fit a business’ organisation and the role itself.

Our consultants put their heart and soul into finding candidates a job they will thrive in, one that aligns with their career path and one that makes them passionate to wake up and go to work in the morning. With this vision in mind, we have fashioned a list of benefits that you as a candidate can expect from our passionate and specialist recruiters.

  1. As a candidate, working with a recruiter is free of charge!
  2. Our specialist recruiters have first-hand experience of labour market trends. They can predict which sectors will thrive, which companies are developing opportunities and just which prospects are realistic, to avoid as much disappointment as possible.
  3. We have a large network of clients, in many different sectors, with countless opportunities therefore can find you a contract more readily than if you were say, looking on your own.
  4. Design and Construct has access to opportunities and jobs that are not yet available on standard job sites, take a look for yourself here. Because of the connections recruitment consultants foster with clients and businesses, job profiles will be seen by us before the general public.
  5. A recruitment consultant will be able to offer valuable and accurate feedback after an interview has taken place, meaning even if you didn’t get the job, you will have insight into what you can improve on for the next interview.
  6. Specialist recruitment professionals can offer a type of ‘security blanket’ when it comes to landing permanent positions and the diversity of different projects.

Above all, recruitment consultants, in particular the ones at Design and Construct, are passionate about people and the connections they make with both clients and candidates. They will do their research to make sure they aren’t just putting you in a role for the sake of it, but because it’s a role you will thrive in. Our consultants believe this outlook on candidates is fundamental for work life balance as well as allowing people the prospect to be all they can be – check out this article on career tips if you find yourself stuck.

If you are in need of a job with the right fit, give our consultants a call on 1300 365 078 and we will endeavour to find you a job you will excel in.

From the team at design and Construct, we look forward to working with you.