Construction of Tomorrow and the Melbourne tradespeople hunt

Posted by Design & Construct on 06-Feb-2018 10:07:39

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Most of the developed world is in the transition from the traditional economy to the economy powered and propelled by innovations.

Preconditions and need for sustainability

 As world resources stretch, sustainability becomes more and more a governing principle, when it comes to the production process and its end result, in various branches of economy; Construction industry is not an exception. Prefabrication as a way to go when it comes to construction of residential dwellings, and all other types of development, can be a smart solution as the element of 21st century model of living and urban development planning.

The City of Melbourne was in a situation where, by the end of 2016, it had around 22,226 of residential dwellings either completed or in construction. The industry of this type of construction had to show for another 56,070 of projects either approved by The City’s authorities or applied for approval.

In the next several years, up to 40,000 people will become unemployed due to the restructuring of the automotive industry.


Labour hire agencies mission in the transfer towards innovative construction

“More and more people want to live in Melbourne, which is reflected in the record number of homes being built…” a city official said.

Labour hire agencies Melbourne may have a CLUE, but are they prepared and will they be able to handle the role of a productive and efficient corridor connecting the emerging market of prefabrication and the unemployment pool, in a need of retraining?

Being in the position to service the demands of the construction industry on one side, and the needs of the skilful tradespeople on the other side, labour hire agencies Melbourne are in for quite of a challenge. The transitions process of retraining and new skills acquirement process will need to be conducted and hire agencies will need to redirect that current of talent of the unemployed but skilful workforce to the relatively new and perspective industry of prefabrication. With age average of 50 in the respected industry, hire and recruitment agencies will need to go through a logistical nightmare, enabling HR function to properly assist in the process of labour transfer and proper selection of new employees.

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More people will need to be motivated and drown in the construction industry!

Modular, flexible and foremost sustainable solution for the Melbourne urban area housing model demands a proactive approach of the labour-hire agencies in order for the positive trend of up to 11.7 % of approved housing projects to be continued. Keep reading "Melbourne Construction Companies - the rapidly building phenomenon"