Landscape Architecture Jobs – Why is it Crucial today?

Posted by Design & Construct on 18-Dec-2017 11:57:54

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In the current status quo, people generally have this presumption that landscape architects jobs expand no further than designing gardens for private homes, whereas the truth is different.

The prime role of a landscape architect in the designing and planning of our cities, and while doing all this, they need to focus on protecting areas that hold historical or environmental significance.

Furthermore, a landscape architects job is crucial due to our world changing fast, and therefore, they need to identify the problems and come up with better and efficient solution for us to comfortably live in our complex.


Education & Training

To enter into the profession of landscape architects, the most basic requirement is a bachelor's or master's degree in landscape architecture.

In general, the undergraduate landscape architecture degree is divided into two categories: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, which are both, more or less, the same. Amongst all the courses that are taught throughout their degree plan, the most important ones are those that include designing because landscape architecture is essentially a skill that one learns with experience.

Moreover, once a student has graduated with a degree in landscape architecture, he/she is not necessarily eligible for landscape architecture jobs, i.e. he cannot practice because he/she is not licensed. Hence, they are required to meet the experience requirements that their particular state requires. Subsequently, a fresh landscape graduate without a license is initially hired as an intern landscape architect, under the supervision of licensed landscape architects, who are supposed to sign and overview any work that the intern performs. To get the license, the candidate is required to pass the LAR exam.


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Protect the Natural World

There are numerous different projects throughout the globe that are not just about protecting the environment, but also protecting and preserving natural treasures. One evident example of a landscape architects job is the “Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve”, which essentially depicts how a park can exemplify a balance between healthy environment, beauty, and human needs.

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Sustainable Environmental Solutions

The next pertinent reason for landscape architecture jobs being crucial is their ability to come up with sustainable solutions. Sustainability in environmental science is the ability to cause no harm to the environment or its resources, which is extremely beneficial for the long-term ecological balance within our societies.

Landscape architectures hold an immense importance when it comes to sustainability because they consistently work on formulating strategies that make the environment healthier and cleaner. They play a very significant role when it comes to such practices, ranging from soil and water cleaning to energy saving.

Air Purification

The first thing that clicks the mind when talking about air purification is Trees. It goes without saying that trees play a very vital role in the air cleaning process. They not only perform the function of oxygen production, but the tree leaves act as an absorbent of air polluting gases. Contrary to what people generally believe, air purification through tree or plants is not only required in an outdoor environment, but also in an indoor settlement. Landscape architects work to preserve the environment, which is why whenever they’re working on their projects they’re thinking of ways to make it as compatible with nature as possible. What this essentially means is that they use natural material wherever it is possible. A perfect example of one such project is the “Hasomrim Park”.


There are numerous other reasons that put landscape architecture in the limelight. We are living in a world where we may be flourishing exponentially in a technological perspective but on the cost of destroying the environment and its natural resources. That is primarily what makes the landscape architecture jobs crucial in the on-going era because they continually work towards protecting the natural world, and create projects that subsequently make this world a better place to live.

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