New renewable job opportunities in remote locations

Posted by Design & Construct on 24-Oct-2016 16:26:52

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The island powered by the ocean: A sustainable, affordable and reliable energy solution

New renewable job opportunities in remote locations

Perth based Carnegie Wave Energy is set to design and build the world’s first renewable energy island ‘microgrid

With $2.5 million in support available from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), Carnegie aims to demonstrate the viability of integrating a renewable energy based microgrid with a utility-scale distribution network.


“It will be the first time wave energy will be integrated into a microgrid, and if successful, this diverse technology system could set a great new exportable opportunity for Australia to island nations around the globe,” said ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht.


Islands around the world typically lack energy and water resources and rely heavily on imported fossil fuels like diesel. Wave energy has the potential to offer island and remote coastal communities unique advantages over alternative sources of energy. By integrating Carnegie’s CETO wave technology along with other renewable energy technologies such as battery storage, remote communities will receive a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy solution.


This new technology not only reduces our dependence on expensive fuel imports, but may attract new investment and land development in remote locations. Areas which were once deemed uninhabitable, now have the possibility of being turned into thriving communities. With Australia’s expanding population and lack of affordable housing, this may provide a potential solution and deliver new renewable job opportunities in remote locations.


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