Recruiting Construction Workers - The New Rules

Posted by Design & Construct on 23-Jan-2018 09:20:36

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Variety and complexity of construction project make it a part of the industry that is a great Gross Domestic Product generator. Resources engaged in the dynamic and expert-led projects, along with the serious responsibility and duties of every workforce member, all affected by the state-wide public budget expenditure cuts, raised the construction industry’s entry barriers.

In the past decade, some projects have been abandoned, declared unprofitable, demotivating the investors and workers, who were influenced by the negative press campaign, saw some other carriers easier and more attractive.

It seems like recruiting construction workers has never been harder, is the shortage of local workforce or a negative campaign to blame?

A negative campaign that put the construction jobs on the list of less desired professions, made a process of recruiting construction workers more challenging, then it was before. In the economic environment of recession where the educational system pushed for the transition from manufacture to the knowledge-based economy, construction workers have been labeled as failures in their pursuit of happiness.


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Is construction industry rebranding, a solution?

Close to 90% of the companies surveyed concluded that they have already had trouble recruiting construction workers. With the expected annual growth of about 5% around the world in the decade to come, the construction industry will be in the need to find and tap into a talent pool of different social groups.

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How to tap into various talent pools?

PROACTIVE APPROACH to various social groups such as veterans, millennials and high school graduates, all have the ability to express their capabilities in demanding but a profitable profession.

The traditional industry as it is, construction companies should STEP UP their game when it comes to the HR function of recruiting construction workers.

INTERACTION AND COOPERATION with the educational authorities are crucial if you want to engage those enthusiastic and ambitious young people that have a lot to show, using their creative energy. Reach out to them while still in the education system, explaining the conditions, equipment, and impact on society in general that construction industry has, improving life, everywhere.

Rethink your company’s policy regarding employees and their benefits, offer dynamic work conditions with respect and dedication to company culture and let them know about your mission and about your vision of the future. Create an inclusive work environment exploiting that synergic effect in the best way and be in the position to attract the share of above 1.5 million jobs in the construction industry.

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