Recruitment is stressful!

Posted by Hugo Schlanger on 02-Nov-2016 08:43:45

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HR and Recruitment may be a stressful environment

On the occasion of the Annual Stress Awareness Day established by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA), we decided to talk about stress.


Being stressed or nervous is a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from complicated situations. According to the Australian Psychological Society, there are three types of stress:

  • Acute Stress: Brief and specific to a particular situation.

  • Episodic Acute Stress: A series or a combination of stressful challenges, or being frequently worried about bad things that could happen.

  • Chronic Stress: Ongoing demands, pressures and worries that seem to go on forever.


In the staffing and recruiting industry the level of stress can be high. Design & Construct is a recruitment agency dedicated to the built environment. In many years, our different markets (such as Architecture, Engineering and Construction) are experiencing strong demand in Australia and the United Kingdom. And we know how hard it is for some recruiters to do their job with any degree of stress. Assisting our recruitment specialists to maintain a good life balance, effectiveness and skills development is a top priority for us.


Companies need to face and measure the level of stress of their employees,

to identify the causes and take corrective actions.



In HR and Recruitment spaces stress could be everywhere.


Dealing with a high turnover or finding a highly motivated candidate - who receives a counter offer at the last minute – can be frustrating. And we will spare you disengagement or ‘raining sick days’ (while it’s sunny outside!).

Take a deep breath! While you’re reading this article, take the opportunity to start looking at yourself by finding your individual ‘’stressors’’ in other words, what causes your tensions?
Finding your stressors is the first step to untie yourself.

According to our experience, we find five common stressors in recruitment:  


1. High expectations


Having high expectations is like a large weight on your shoulders and can make things impossible to move until you feel success is guaranteed, and this can easily escalate into perfectionism. But perfection is unreachable, and nothing can be guaranteed. In Recruitment, finding a ‘pot of gold at the end of a rainbow’ is very complicated. Prioritise your expectations to lower some of them and make you feel relief.


2. Over – Excitement


Being over-excited often creates the opposite state such as frustration. Even if you find the ‘pot of gold’, staying calm in any situation will help to keep you down to earth and regulate your emotions and level of stress.


3. Emergency projectstime_management_emergency.jpg


It is sometimes hard to be proactive instead of being reactive, and especially in the construction industry, where everybody has to deliver their projects on time and budget. That is why we encourage our clients to build a recruitment plan with a turnover ratio. If they are working with us, we prepare candidates in advance for potential future replacements.


4. Administrative timely process


Sometimes you can’t avoid it, and paper works make you stressed by having the feeling that you are not doing your job. We advise you to schedule a percentage of your daily or weekly activities dedicated to administrative chores.

5. Uncertainty


You feel insecure about a particular situation. It’s often routine for a recruitment consultant who can’t be sure about a candidate even after the signing of the contract. Experienced consultants know how to deal with this state of uncertainty. Our consultants are trained to build a deeper relationship with the candidate. Trust helps to establish open communication and avoid ‘bad surprise’. Feeling safe to talk is the only way to understand the motivation of the candidate and prevent early turnover.

And because uncertainty occurs after the first day of work, we offer a 12-month replacement guarantee, which is less stress for our clients, and encourages a more tailored approach from our consultant specialists to their candidates.

Reduce the time and pressure on you and your team without cutting out the top talent.


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