Redefine Recruitment: nine ways to tell if your recruiter can walk the walk

Posted by Design & Construct on 18-Sep-2017 09:48:31

The workforce is abundant with recruiters promising to connect the right candidates with the right employers. As of 2017, 45% percent of Australian companies expect hiring volume to increase, which means choosing a recruiter to source talent efficiently and effectively. But this begs the question: how do you know if a recruiter is any good?

Design and Construct have fast become a leader in technical recruitment; a title solidified by proven expertise and substantial results. What separates Design and Construct from prototype, unoriginal recruiters is the drive to redefine modern recruiting.

It is easy and manageable to be pedestrian, but if you desire to be the best you must strive above and beyond the conventional. Here are nine things a good recruiter will know and apply, in the search to finding you your best possible employee.

1. Check the candidate’s history. A background check can determine whether your potential employee has any criminal convictions or any related charges. Checking past employment and references can also reveal anything a candidate may have left out of their resume. Checking a candidate’s history ensures only the applicants with the right skill set and culture for your organisation will be presented to you, to interview. At Design and Construct, we believe the most important skill a candidate can portray is the human one. Our work efficiency is driven by attitude.

2. Don’t ask the same, boring interview questions. If they ask mediocre questions, expect mediocre answers. An interview is a recruiter’s opportunity to find the candidate with the best possible fit for the position on offer. By asking the right questions, a recruiter has the opportunity to find out if the applicant has untapped potential, special skills and what personality type they are. Personality plays an important factor when hiring talent. While you want employees with different skills, it is also important for everyone to fit into your organisation’s culture. At Design and Construct, we have implemented our our own online LMS, live training, monitoring and assessment tools and Personal Development Plans (PDPs) containing over 200 distinct competencies that have to be mastered to pass probation. Find out how your recruiter can understand different personality traits in order to better engage and inspire candidates here.

3. Use your company website as a recruiting tool. Candidates will research when job hunting and your company’s website will be one of the first places they will turn to. Ensure the recruiter highlights the benefits of working with a company like yours, including work ethic, company values as well as team culture. This also gives the recruiter the opportunity to find out how much research the candidate has done into your organisation and determine how badly they want the job.

4. Use social media. This is yet another good technique for a recruiter to showcase what makes your company more attractive to potential job seekers. LinkedIn is growing in popularity for job advertising, making connections and recruiters can snare potential candidates before they even start looking. In addition, Instagram has the highest user engagement of the social media channels, making an excellent platform to showcase your employer brand. LinkedIn Business Solutions states in their ‘Australian Recruiting Trends 2017 Report’ “over 80% of leaders acknowledge that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring talent”.

5. Hire Millennials. People like to criticise millennials, but the fact is that by 2030, Gen Y will make up 75% of the workforce. This generation is bringing a new era of flexibility and adaptability. Recruiters will know that job tenure’s are lowering, but they understand how juggling multiple skills and disciplines is on the rise.

6. Increase your talent pool. A mistake some recruiters make is only hiring when the situation is dire. Time pressure may prevent recruiters from hiring the best candidate for the position. To avoid this, why not start the recruiting process early? According to seek, only 30% of people are happy in their current job, that’s 70% of the Australian market your recruiter could outreach to.

7. Optimise your hiring time. If the hiring process is taking too long, it could cost your company and you will be missing out on potential candidates for the job. Cultivate relationships with recruiters who have industry associations and use online job boards.

8. Don’t be desperate. Desperation projects a bad image to potential employees (it may turn them off), and it could cause your recruiter to make the wrong hiring decision. Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy, says “Sometimes desperation makes us hire somebody even though we don’t think they’re the right person, but we feel we have to fill the position right away. Regardless of how it shows up we can’t let desperation creep into the hiring process”.

9. Be innovative when it comes to screening candidates. Today’s workplace is way more advanced than the old ‘sit down and interview’ allows time for. Interviews can now be conducted using Skype/WhatsApp, online applications help cut through the processing time, or a trial could be conducted to determine the best candidate for the job. A recruiter will know every tool in how to maximize your time and produce the very best quality pool of candidates.

Design and Construct has the resources, experience and consultants to help you find the right staff for your organisation. Call Design and Construct today on 1300 365 078 or take a look at their recruitment services to start building your dream team, today.