Canberra is the renewable capital of Australia 

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An Independent report by the Climate Council of Australia Ltd finds that Canberra is the renewable capital of Australia.

Renewable Energy Jobs in Canberra 


The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is the only state or territory to have a 100% renewable energy target and is on track to meet the objective by 2020.


Renewable electricity targets:

  • ACT 100% by 2020
  • South Australia 50% by 2025
  • Queensland 50% by 2030
  • Victoria 40% by 2025

Australia’s state capital shows what can be achieved in renewable energy in a few years. The ACT has made enormous efforts in renewable energy and a major benefit of this being that household electricity prices will remain among the lowest in the country when reaching the 100% target.




Key facts

  • ACT will reduce emissions by 3 million tonnes in 2020 by sourcing renewable instead of fossil fuelled electricity to meet the Territory’s needs.
  • ACT is leading the country in battery storage by supporting the installation of 36MW of energy storage across more than 5,000 households and businesses by 2020 – the largest battery storage rollout in Australia.
  • Renewable energy jobs in ACT - Over 1,000 direct new jobs and more than 30 ongoing construction jobs are being created in the solar plants, and wind farms awarded contracts under the ACT’s reverse auction process.

The ACT was the first place in Australia to use a reverse auction process to promote large-scale renewable energy.  The process involves renewable energy companies bidding to supply electricity at a given price over time. This ensures the renewable energy projects offering the best electricity prices are awarded contracts.


Storing energy for use later using batteries enables households to manage their electricity use to access the cheapest available power. This also allows energy sources such as solar and wind to provide increasing amounts of electricity to the Australian grid.


The ACT provides an outstanding example of what can be achieved through innovative renewable energy planning, and the other states will also use reverse auctions for large-scale renewable energy to meet its targets.
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